$1500 Ain’t Nothing To Me But – Mom Trying To Help Her Babies Go To School, I’m Standing Right There, DO IT. – Video

The NBA legend and the four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t miss an opportunity to help others. The star has done several under-reporting good deeds. In an episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game,” the Miami Heat star said that he always looks out to help mothers who are in need at the stores.

Image credit: facebook/ SportsCenter

O’Neal says he helped a mother at a store by purchasing a computer, as she couldn’t afford a computer for her children. Shaq told the mother, “I Got you.” He said, “Lately my motto is it could be worse, and that could be you.”

O’Neal has an endless list of generous acts, in April he purchased an engagement ring for a man while he was shopping.

And after the demise of his former teammate Kobe Bryant, O’Neal brought a computer for an Atlanta Man after the man paid condolence for his teammate’s demise. He said, “$1,500 is nothing to me but for the mother trying to help her kids go to school… I am standing right there, Do it.”

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