Starving, Surrendered Russian Soldier Cries As Ukrainians Feed Him, Video-Call His Mother – Video

A poignant video of a famished Russian soldier who supposedly surrendered to Ukrainians and was given food and tea as a woman assisted him in making a video call to his mother is going popular online. As the soldier enthusiastically eats and drinks, he br-eaks down in tears when he sees his mother on the phone, caressing his fingers affectionately.

The individual speaking in the video, according to a translation from someone claiming to be a native Russian, was explaining that the young soldier had no clue where he was being transferred or why when he was put on a convoy into Ukraine.

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He also urged Russian moms and other people to oppose the battle by keeping their children at home. He claims that they are “giving their children away as cannon fodder.” “They have no idea where they’re heading.” The woman on the other end of the line addresses the young man’s mother, introducing her as Natasha, and assures her that her son is safe and well-cared for, and that they will keep in touch. As he sobs, the young woman comforts him by placing her arm on his shoulder. The Russian soldier’s eating and drinking habits indicate that he hasn’t had anything to eat or drink in a long time.

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Despite the fact that disinformation has made determining what is true and what is propaganda difficult, multiple accounts imply that many Russian soldiers on the ground are completely unaware of what is going on, and may not even be aware that they are invading Ukraine. According to other interpretations of the individual speaking on the video, he is indicating that Russian soldiers are being handed outdated maps of the region and are becoming lost and confused.

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This isn’t the first video to surface purporting to show Russian soldiers sobbing in Ukraine, whether they were caught or not, and there have been other tales of Russian forces retreating or submitting en masse in the face of Ukrainian opposition. Ukraine looks to be leaning into the invaders’ ostensibly enormous morale cr*sis. According to a Ukrainian military website, the government will return detained Russian troops to their families if the mothers fly to Kyiv to retrieve them.

According to a translation of the website content, “it was determined to give the seized Russian troops to their families if they come for them to Ukraine, to Kiev.” It then provides the moms precise instructions on how to reach and confirm that their kids have been apprehended and are safe, as well as a path to Kyiv via Belarus and Poland, including a safe crossing into Ukraine.

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“You will be greeted and led to Kyiv, where your son will be given to you,” it states. “Unlike Putin’s Nazis, we Ukrainians do not mistreat families and their enslaved children.” The world community has been highly impressed by the degree of compassion and care shown by individuals who are presently confronting a major military invasion of their land.

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