Instead of Giving ticket Officers Purchase New Car Seats for Mom at Traffic Stop. – Video

Most of the time traffic stops are annoying and we hardly have the patience to wait for further minutes. Moreover, when you see traffic officers approaching you to check your driving license and papers the real worry starts. However, occasionally, the meeting can involve a moment of kindness and forgiveness. And that’s what happened with a young mother.

When Savannah officers pulled over a young mother for not having a license plate, they also realized her 1-year-old twins weren’t constrained appropriately as their car seats didn’t have harnesses. The woman clarified that her car had previously been seized and she had newly begun a new job.

Image credit: Savannah Police Department

The officers would have responded to this in many different ways, however, they choose to go beyond and above to buy the young mother two brand new car seats for the twin boys. The spouse of one of the officers posted about this tale on social media, hoping her husband’s potential to entertain a toddler will broaden to their own. Her post reads: “This dad-to-be melts my heart, “I can’t wait to see how he is with our daughter, so proud of him”

Image credit: Savannah Police Department

According to ABC News, Bianca Johnson, Savannah po-lice spokeswoman said, “You could tell that it not only touched the hearts of the officers and the boys but the mother.” It’s a really unexpected heartwarming gesture from the officer.

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