English Footballer Marcus Rashford Donates £20m Millions For Child Poverty, Becomes Youngest-Ever To Top ‘Giving List’ – Video

Marcus Rashford has successfully declared as the youngest person to top The Sunday Time Giving List — a metric of generosity among rich Brits — is an accomplishment that the whole country celebrates. The donations he made to support people in need, produced a total of $28 million (£20 million), giving him a “Giving Index” ranking of 125% of his net worth of $23m (£16m).

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Since last year he has become a superhero to many Brits, as during the second wave of COV-19 exceeded, he faced down the UK government’s recommendation to cut spending towards free school lunches. The striker, who has often been seen as a star in Manchester United, and an appliance on England’s national team, also managed to be a star after he decided to take care of the issues by himself: as he has himself experienced hunger in his childhood, he understands the con children rely on school lunches for daily calorie regulations.

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His insistent lobbying got Boris Johnson to U-turn on the Conservative government’s position—coaxing £170m ($240m) for the free food voucher program from last November through to the summer. In response, he won the Professional Footballers Merit Award and was approved by Johnson to collect an MBE (Member of the British Empire). Rashford said: “As a young Black man from Wythenshawe, never did I think I would be accepting an MBE, never mind an MBE at the age of 22.” Liverpool team captain Jordan Henderson said, “What Marcus has done over the last 12 months is incredible.” “He has quarreled against food shortage, given a voice to kids who otherwise wouldn’t have one, and used his reputation for the benefit of others.”

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Henderson, who captained for 7 years, came in sixth place on the Times’ Giving List, by raising £4 million ($6 million) from his fellow footballers to join his contributions towards the UK National Health Service to help benefit its feedback to the epidemic. Meanwhile, Rashford has continued giving work, organizing the Child Food Shortage Task Force, linking up with many of the nation’s biggest supermarkets to support end childhood hunger.

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“His own experience of relying on free school meals to eat brings genuineness and kindness to his campaigning, and his significance as a Premier League footballer means people and diplomats sit up and take notice,” said Lindsay Boswell in a statement. CEO of FareShare, a non-profit committed to quarreling hunger and food waste in the UK, Boswell named Rashford as an ambassador.

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