Why This Officer Drives Man 100 Miles After He Gets Pulled Over.

After the tragic loss of his 15-year-old sister, a guy traveling to meet up with his family was given some generosity by an Ohio state officer who sympathized with him and offered to assist him on the 100-mile drive back home. Mark Ross said on social media on Sunday, “Everyone knows how much I despise officiers so much, but I am sincerely grateful for this Guy.” “He instilled hope in me.”

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In a time when tensions between white officers and the black community are at an all-time high, the touching story came as a breath of fresh air to many, swiftly becoming a popular social media post with about 100,000 shares as of Tuesday afternoon. Around 3 a.m. Sunday, Mr. Ross got word that his sister had lo-st her life in an automobile mishap. He enlisted the help of a friend whose driver’s license had been suspended to transport him from Indiana to Detroit, where he could shed tears with his family.

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Sgt. David Robison, a state traffic patrolman, stopped the two while they were speeding through Ohio. Ross, who was wanted for a felony in Wayne County, Michigan, was confident he would be caught and worried he wouldn’t be able to return home to his family. The car’s driver was detained for driving without a license, but when officers in Wayne County were notified of Ross’s whereabouts, they refused to pick him up because the distance was too far. Ross had no means of getting home to his family without his previous trip arrangements — until Sgt. Robison insisted on driving him the remaining distance.

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“I told the officer that my sister had breathed his last and that I wanted to go to my mother as soon as possible,” Ross wrote. “I started weeping, and he recognised my genuineness.” REACHING OVER, HE BEGINNED PRAYING FOR ME AND MY FAMILY. Robison took Ross to a cafe in Detroit, where he was picked up by his family.

Robison leaned over as Ross exited the patrol car and asked if he could continue to pray for him. “It was so overpowering,” Ross told Inside Edition, “that it swept me away from my own reality.”

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