Young Man Given 10 Minutes To Decide If He Wants To Adopt His Week-Old Nephew Or The Baby Goes To Foster Care. – Video

Marcio Donaldson has auditioned for the singing competition in the talent show, American Idol. He even made it to the Hollywood round, but unfortunately after the group performance, he went home. This year Marcio has again come back to participate in the show. The 28-year-old singer Marcio Donaldson has faced a lot of challenges throughout his life.

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He said, “Growing up in the inner city, it was hard it was tough, and a lot of people succumb to the circumstances. So, I wanted to be a light for those who don’t believe in dreams or don’t see them being possible or obtainable, you know what I’m saying?”

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When Marcio was little, he and his sister, both ended up in foster care it was not easy, but the problems and challenges never discouraged them to go on and change their life for the better marcio has found his comfort in music and then decided to participate in American Idol. Soon he learned that his sister was expecting a baby he said “You know how they say the cycle repeats.

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It started off with my mother in the system. Then me in the system. And then my sister had a child.” After a week, the social workers and a officer visited Marcio with a week-old baby.

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Sadly, due to some issues with d-rugs, Marcio’s sister could not keep her baby so the officer showed up at Marcio’s door with the 1-week-old baby and give him an ultimatum.

“They said, ‘You have 10 minutes to decide if you will keep this child or he goes in the system.’”

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Marcio has always known that raising a baby would be a tough job, but he would never want his nephew to be like him and go to foster care, so he decided to take him in. Marcio said, “I had no idea what I was doing. But he’s actually a real gift. I know it was the right decision. And he’s changed my life.” Now, Marcio does not only sing for himself but for the little boy in his life as well. He said, “I want to show him what a man can really do when you step up to the plate. I want to give him a better life.”


Lynn This is a MAN we can all respect and admire. Take a Salute Sir, you’ve well and truly earned it.

Arlene What a wonderful young man! Without hesitation he took his “son” in hopes of giving him a much better life than he was handed, mat God Bless You and I know this lil boy will grown into an amazing young man with your guidance and unconditional love

Nicole May God bless you and this little baby…God is going to use you in ways you could not imagine…All for His Glory..Amen!

Becky I give this man All praise for the decision he has made! My spouse and I had to make this same decision…in a matter of Minutes for my nephew who was 3 days old. It’s 2 of us and this is no easy responsibility. Completely life changing from that day but Never do we regret saying yes.

Debbie Marshall you are truly an amazing man. You are a true blessing. Giving this baby your love is so a blessing so glad you are a part of his life.

I pray for you and this little one. A child is a blessing from God and God chose you to come into this beautiful child’s life. What you are doing is a courageous thing you should be named a hero. You are a HERO in my book. All that you have gone through and now you’re a dad figure Everything is going to fall into place. There are better days ahead. Good luck God Bless you and your family . Wishing you all the best there is.

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