Lyft Driver Calls Mom At 3 AM, Fear In His voice Says ‘Bring A Blanket’ For Baby He Found In Freezing Cold – Video

Who likes getting a call in the middle of the night? No one’s and when Vida awoke with nervousness as her phone rings. When received the call she learned that it was from her son who was outside and asking for a blanket. And what happened next was unexpected for her which she will never forget.

The tale this young Lyft driver wants to share is simple to show how sometimes things just take place because they are meant to happen.

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Behavioral therapist Ashton Mazyck from Worcester, Massachusetts works with children by day and drives for Lyft at night, to earn some extra money. Initially, when this company was set up people were a bit unsure about it, like if it’s safe for them to be taking peer-to-peer shared rides with unknown persons. However, soon everyone realized how using Lyft’s services saves time and money and how all those drivers are trustworthy people who’ll go above and beyond for their customers’ safety.

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A few days ago when Ashton was on his way home at night. But when he parked his car at the parking lot, he saw a structure that looked like a vibrating animal. With a heavy heart, he went closer to it and realized that it wasn’t an animal but a 2-year-old girl. The time he found her was 3 a.m and he couldn’t figure out what a child was doing outside on a cold night. So, the first thing he did was call his mom who happened to live in the same building, and ask her to bring a blanket.

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His mother, Vida Mazyck, immediately went to the scene and they took the girl inside and tried to warm her up before they called the po-lice and informed them about the situation. Vida said: “Her feet were numb. I kept saying, ‘Does this discomfort?’ And she couldn’t feel me rubbing her feet.” Soon the girl was taken to the hospital and treated with some support about her shivering.

Later, the po-lice informed Ashton how this girl planned to run away from her home when her grandma fell asleep.

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After leaving the home barefoot and with light clothing, she got muddled and didn’t know how to find the way back so she just converged next to the building’s main entrance. And that’s when Ashton happened to find her. This incident along with the tale quickly went viral. Ashton was called by a lot of news outlets. He said: “I don’t know how long she was out there, but I’m just definitely thankful, you know, that I was there when I was.” Vida doesn’t appreciate her son working late, but now after the incident, she is grateful that her son worked that night and found the young child in need of help.

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