People Are So Touched By This Boy Who Grew Out His Hair For Kids With Can-cer – Video

Sometimes the little children have the warmest hearts. Thomas Moore was just eight years old when he chose to grow out his hair to aid young patients. According to HuffPost, Thomas got the idea after seeing a movie with his mother about a five-year-old child who had ca-ncer and had lost her hair.

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Thomas had a lot of questions concerning hair loss when he was a kid. His mother took the time to explain chemotherapy to Thomas, including how it ki-lls both healthy and da-ngerous cells in the bo-dy.

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The tale instantly went viral after his aunt tweeted about Thomas’ wonderful deed on Twitter.

“That’s the kind of warmth in kids we need to see in more adults,” one user said.

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Amber Ray told Buzzfeed News that it was difficult for her nephew to maintain the focus, but he persevered and grew his hair for two years. Thomas eventually had his hair trimmed when he was ten years old. The end result was 17 inches of gorgeous locks. This was enough hair for three full wigs.

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Spending two years of one’s life working towards a goal of compassion is a remarkable effort for anybody, but it’s much more astounding when a youngster under the age of ten is able to accomplish such a fantastic task.

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Thomas, as you can see from the photos, also grew a head full of hair! In fact, at the end of his touching charity project, Thomas had enough hair to make three complete wigs! His aunt, Amber Ray, tweeted a before-and-after image of him on Twitter following his haircut, and it has since been shared thousands upon thousands of times by people who are st-ruck in their hearts by how lovely this child’s heart is.


Anastasia That’s a ton of hair.

Supersizing your kindness and generosity – why that is quite genius on your part. GREAT JOB Young Man GREAT JOB.

Nettie Why are we amazed when beautiful innocent spirits show compassion for others? We tend to underestimate children, but we need to remember they are LIGHT. Their sweet innocence can and should be an example for all of us. This is the kind of story there should be more of on social media. God’s blessings upon you Thomas Moore.

Henry HRT, you are so wonderful. In these crazy, challenging times, you bring a reliable uplift – or many – with every video you upload. I don’t know where you find these things, but I, for one, am deeply grateful for all that you do. Lifting our spirits is one of the finest gifts anyone could bring.

Bex Anne If there are Light Workers (people who are really angels and are on earth just to help others find the Light), these people are definitely part of that group!

Emily “A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.” ~John Ruskin

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