Homeless Man Enters Burger King And Asks Worker ‘What Can I Get For $0.50?’ – Video

“What can I buy for $0.50?” a homeless guy asked Matthew Resendez, who was working at a Burger King fast-food outlet. The homeless man was hungry and dressed in filthy, unkempt clothing. He didn’t ask Matthew for compassion, but he did try to purchase some food with the small amount of money he had.

Even though Matthew knew the homeless man couldn’t buy even the most basic meal on the menu, he didn’t turn him a-way. It was such a brave thing Matthew did for him! Michelle, Matthew’s mother, commented on her social media page after learning of her son’s actions:

Image credit: Facebook/Michelle Resendez

“I’m a proud mama!” This evening, Matthew was working in the restaurant when a homeless man came in with 50 cents and asked if there was anything on the menu he could buy. When Matthew inquired what he would order if he could, the guy said that anything would relieve his hunger. So Matthew called him up and ordered a large supper for him, then paid for it using his own debit card. He gave him the receipt and urged him to sit down and relax. It’s possible that the narrative will conclude there, with a happy conclusion.

Image credit: Facebook/Michelle Resendez

Meanwhile, a woman kept an eye on him during my son’s random act of kindness. She not only wrote to the firm to inform them of the compassionate person they had on staff, but she also gave my son a very big tip! I’m very pleased to be his mother, and I can appreciate myself knowing that I raised such a wonderful young person.” Another crew member may have driven the homeless man out of the restaurant without giving him anything to eat.

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Fortunately, Matthew is not that type of person.

He was a young guy who had been educated by his mother to respect everyone, regardless of socioeconomic standing. Matthew’s compassionate act went viral on social media, with over 40,000 post shares and 162,000 post replies. The boy’s message is already encouraging many to change their attitudes about the homeless and underprivileged.


Cory I was a McDonalds worker and did exactly the same, A homeless men came to ask for a free meal and no one really wanted to give anything and the manager even told him to leave, I just felt bad for the men and bought him a deluxe burger combo with fries and soda, he thank me and I was glad I was able to help someone in need. My story didn’t went viral and I did not get any rewards but I don’t care, I’m just glad that men was able to get a meal that night.

Esteban Congratulations Michelle .

Angel’s do exist and your son Mathew is one. We need more people like him.

Wade Waldron whenever I walk past a homeless person, my heart just shatters as I try to ignore them because I can’t give them anything due to the fact that I need the money myself. Sad reality.

Katherine When life is so hard for some (homeless, disabled and elderly, etc) we need more folks like this guy. It’s too easy to loose hope.

Elise “Love Is Everything And Memories Are Forever”. That man will never forget what that boy did for him. This world is already full of so much hate, We need more love

John smith This young man, is an EXCELLENT human being.. We need more people just like him in this world! His mother, did a wonderful job raising her son.. She taught him well… Congratulations to his mother for just being a great person..

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