Teen Buying Coats For Homeless Doesn’t See Stranger Snap His Photo Till Hundreds Share It Online – Video

In one of the viral incidents, a teenager in Goodwill Store in Canton was buying umpteen pieces of coats from a thrift store. Customarily people would spend money in the thrift store when they want their wardrobe to be full of clothes. However, when a man descried a Good Samaritan teenager moving towards the cash counter with the stockpile of coats, he sensed that it is not a regular stock-up of things.

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The man got curious about this ‘out of the common act’ and decided to ask the teenager the reason behind buying a full basket of jackets. He advanced towards him and asked, ‘Hey, I am seeing you buying a full basket of jackets. I find it distinctive. Is there a special reason behind it?” The teenager told him the reason behind stocking up all these jackets, and upon learning the reason the man got numb for a moment. “Hi, I am not buying all of these jackets for myself, but for homeless people in my community,’’ the teenager answered.

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The man found the teenager’s word impressive, and then and there he got to learn a powerful message for the whole of humanity. Dazzled with the kind act, the man clicked the picture with the teenager. When a man returned home, he narrated the whole incident to his daughter, Haley Steward. The daughter got elated to know about the munificent teenager. He also asked her daughter to share the incident online along with the pictures so that people out there on the internet could learn something that is of great value.

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The daughter shared the post which reads, “We don’t know you are, Sir, but you deserve recognition! Keep being an amazing person! A very sweet and kind young man……My dad snapped his photo while shopping, after asking him what the coats were for, and it really touched his heart. We need more people like him, in this world.” The social media post got a remarkable response from internet users. The story went viral, and people started discussing the good deed of the teenager. Everyone on the internet started praising the teenager for what he has done for homeless people in his community.

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As the story got viral, it was discovered that the teenager’s name is Fredrick White. Fredrick thanked everyone for their well-wishes, and added, “It was just my duty, as a human, to go out and help people in need.” “One good deed for each person.

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Just wake and do something different,” Frederick said to WKYC news. Frederick was also awarded a gift card worth $200 by the Goodwill Store when they came to know about his generous act.


Denise Just goes to show that anything positive can grow. This young man is leading a good life and giving some back. He will get back 10 fold for his selfless acts.

Macy That young man is a quality human being. He’s Blessed, Heavenly Father is pleased by his actions, I’m quite sure.

Stephanie Such a wonderful young man! I am crying tears of joy for a kind hearted hero who just wants to give back. Talk about “paying it forward”! May God bless this young man for his generous act of kindness. May others learn from him.

Marcia Keep up the good work..GOD guidance/ protection.

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