“Phone Box Baby” Reunites With The Man Who Rescued Her 22 Years Ago

Kiran Sheikh was two hours old when her biological mother ab-andoned her in a telephone box. She was rescued by a man named Joe Campbell, who mistook her to be a packet of chips. He called the po-lice, who took the child to the hospital. He wanted to adopt her he couldn’t because he was unmarried at that time.

She was adopted, without knowing about him. But recently, the pair met each other through an emotional reunion.

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Kiran’s mother was in an insulting relationship and left her at a telephone box in East London because their father was vi-olent, and she already had six children. Her mother had called the Samaritans but, before they could make it, the baby was found by Joe Campbell. He initially mistook her for a bag of chips. He then called the po-lice, and Sheikh was taken to Newham General Hospital, where she was named ‘April Campbell.’ But she was adopted by another family who renamed her Kiran.

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When she was eight years old, her adoptive family br-oke the news to her. Ever since she was so eager to meet Campbell, who was shown, in Sheikh’s newspaper appeal for the man who saved her by a colleague at work for delivery firm DPD who immediately recognized his good deed 20 years earlier. He kept photos and clippings about Sheikh with him hoping that he would be able to see her someday.

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Campbell has gone to the phone booth that night to call his parents, who lived in Guyana because they had a five-hour time difference. Campbell said he tried to stay in touch with Sheikh by taking cards, money, and gifts to social services.

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He continued doing so for seven years but, sheikh says she never received them. She also added that ‘I cannot believe they didn’t put anything on my file about him. They really could have done something people don’t do what he did, not like that.”

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Campbell said that the reunion was quite emotional for him but, he tried his best to hold back his tears. Sheikh also said she was overwhelmed and happy to meet the man who saved her life. She also says that she would love to meet her mother and forgive her.

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Sheikh had received a letter from her mother, apologizing for her actions when the girl was three years old, and that was the last contact sheikh had.

She has been in touch with her other siblings. Her father is in lock-up in Canada for attempted mu-rder after he stabbed another ex-girlfriend 30 times.

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Another big shock came when they both realized that Sheikh grew up a few streets away from where Campbell lived until 1997, with the two having probably crossed paths and never knew about each other. Campbell now lives in South London. He says that growing up, he lost his mother when he was three but, his stepmother always looked after him like he was her own, and that’s what influenced his kindness.

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