Driver Jumps To Grab Elderly Blind Man Sitting At Bus Stop But Doesn’t Realize He’s Being Filmed – Video

Gene Hubbard may be 69 years old, but he isn’t about to let that stop him from enjoying a self-sufficient lifestyle. He’s been committed to his career for the past 20 years, come what may… and that’s in spite of the fact that he cannot see That’s right, you read that correctly.

Gene, who is approaching 70 and has been blinded by diabetes, has had a difficult life. Has it slowed him down in any way? No, not at all!

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Given Gene’s blindness, one might anticipate him to have some difficulty moving around, particularly on his daily journey. In any event, when the crossroads near his customary bus stop was closed for construction, that didn’t make matters any simpler. Gene was vulnerable as the terrain around him changed; not only did he have a tough time navigating his way around, but it also grew perilous as the routes altered. “If I don’t have a consistent identifying point to begin from, I might as well be in the middle of the ocean,” Gene says on WITI.

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So, on one specific day, with his inner-compass out of whack due to construction, Gene was having trouble getting where he wanted to go. Thankfully for him, a young bus driver happened to see his plight and volunteered to help. He not only stopped his bus in the middle of his journey, but he also approached Gene with the intention of assisting him. Surveillance cameras documented what was going on, which is fortunate for those who have watched the tape subsequently. For good cause, what they recorded has gone viral.

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The world may be a cruel and unjust place at times, and nasty things frequently befall good folks. Things are significantly more difficult on a daily basis for those of us who live with impairments, such as Gene. As a result, this bus driver is certainly deserving of praise. It would have been far too simple for him to go on his way and get on with his day. He didn’t, though; instead, he spotted a problem and intervened to correct it. What a fantastic example he is setting!

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