Don’t Marry Him Unless You’ve Done These 8 Things In Front Of Him

When in a relationship there is some kind of comfort level which is required to reach with your partner before you decide to take your relationship to a next level. That is marriage. A relationship goes with different kinds of stages and tests which both of you have to pass together. Each stage shows the true selves of each other and makes you and your partner ready for the future.

If both of you complete these stages and tests your bond will become stronger and stronger after every stage.

Out of all the stages and tests in a relationship, the most crucial is the test of being comfortable with each other. If you are not completely comfortable with your partner then you are presently not ready to take your relationship into the next stage. And it is very obvious that if you are comfortable with your partner you will be able to face any sorts of problems or challenges in your relationship.

Sometimes, you do some activities with your partner or in front of your partner which you won’t be able to do or feel uncomfortable with other people and vice versa. Until and unless your partner has seen these less-than-perfect sides of you, then you really can’t be thinking about marriage yet. Your partner has to share a certain comfort level for the worst sides of your personality. Few of these are quite serious ones whereas the rest are quite silly ones.
But the point is don’t marry him unless you’ve done these 8 things in front of him.

1. Have seen your ugly cry

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It sounds silly but your partner must see you crying more than twice for different reasons. It will show how your partner will be going to take care of you when you are surrounded by sadness. You can take it as a test of your partner’s support and empathy. Another reason is that if he still loves you while seeing your ugly sad crying face if he/she does then you know that that love is for real.

2. Go off the rails with your anger.

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You can’t always let your anger hold on. However, the best you can do for once is to show your real anger in front of your partner just to see if he/she is still willing to stick around you even after that.

If your partner does that, that means they truly love you.

3. Go grocery shopping together.

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Work like grocery shopping is what you will be going to do more often after marrying your partner. So, is your partner willing to tolerate your slow and meticulous steps regarding grocery shopping?

4. Have a serious vomit.

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Vomiting is comprehensive. Whenever you vomit, you can assure that isn’t going to be the most praising image about yourself.

And even after hearing those confessions he/she still wants to continue loving you, then that’s always a great sign.

5. Pee or fart in front of your partner.

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These are completely natural body processes however, they are also quite comprehensive.
Normally, you wish to do these things in private, not in front of your loved ones. But when you are quite involved in a relationship, you naturally build a bond in which doing these in front of each other becomes normal.

6. Poop in front of your partner.

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This is almost similar to the previous note However, it is like taking things to the next level. And we can say that it’s quite an impressive step.

7. Have him witness a bl-oody napkin or tampon.

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Till today, menstruation hasn’t become something that a lot of men understand well or be comfortable with. If your partner can tolerate your health in this situation, then no doubt your relationship has reached the next level in terms of comfort.

8. Perform your most secret guilty pleasure.

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Everyone has a secret guilty pleasure that nobody knows about. You may also have one and you should be able to do it in front of him. You should be able to let your partner in. You should disclose yourself. As he is your man and he must know everything related and about you if you’re going to take your relationship to marriage.

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