Comedian Leslie Jones Makes Sad Confession: ‘Men Don’t Notice Me, I May D-ie Alone’

Undoubtedly, Leslie Jones is one of the most funniest and talented comedians. But sometimes people hide their saddest secrets and insecurities behind their smiling faces. Tuesday evening comedian Leslie Jones made a confession with her fans and followers on her Instagram account. The 50-year-old Jones took a short break from her relentless fitness regimen to upload a gym selfie, before querying she was ‘doing it for nothing.’ Jones shared a photograph of herself in a black tank top with matching sports bustiers and a grey color scarf covering her head.

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She captioned the photograph : ‘Ok back to cardio. But confession I feel like I’m doing it for nothing.’ ‘I know it’s not that I’m healthy and look good but I really feel like “what’s it all for” if the people you want to notice don’t.’ Unsettlingly she wrote: ‘I just feel like I might d-ie alone,’ she shared. ‘Sorry that’s pretty heavy today!!’ Jones fans and friends reacted to the post and since uploaded it has crossed 37, 000 likes and thousands of positive and cheerful comments.

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Supermodel Coco Rocha was also touched by the post and commented, “We all notice you being true to yourself and real in every way and that’s a rare quality these days.You continue to do you lady. You can’t please everyone so you might as well please yourself.”

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However, out of the positive and cheerful comments the most heart-warming comment was from actress Meagan Good. Meagan Good commented: “The right people will notice…you are a ‘Gift’ and God doesn’t give His precious gifts away to everyone…“He’s selective…he gives you to someone who He can trust. You’re doing it for something…you’re preparing for something (career, relationship, purpose, etc).”

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“Making it so your body will continue to take you wherever God wants you to go.

He has a plan and He WILL give you the desires of your heart at the perfect time, with the right people/person.” “Be encouraged, sis, you are one of a kind and you are so dope. Lol God ain’t giving you away to anybody. You too bo-mb for that.”

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After receiving the the heartwarming messages Jones took a cute selfie and captioned it: “Hey!! I want everyone to know I post my real feelings cause I am a real person!!” “And I know I’m not alone. That being said I’m also 50 years old and know that life is life. And some days we are low!” “But the good thing is I know I’m loved by God and I’m good!! It’s important to respect your feelings as long as you don’t live there!! God bless!!”

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