Customer Finds Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Is Facing Homelessness – Steps In To Change Her Life – Video

A devoted Dunkin’ customer, Suzzane Burke, flabbergasted her favorite drive-thru employee with a completely furnished and embellished home after knowing that she had been dislodged by authorities. Burke is a regular customer at the local Dunkin’s drive-thru. Three years ago she met Ebony Johnson at Dunkin’s drive-thru while she was buying her coffee.

The two became friends and soon they started asking each other’s well-being every morning. The bond became stronger and the two started having long conversations.

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When Suzzane discovered that Johnson, who is a single mother of three kids, had been evicted, she plunged herself into finding a new secure place to live for Ebony. She also ensured that the house is furnished so that Ebony does not have to b-urn her pockets for it.

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A furnished home is an ultimate gift for Ebony by her friend Suzzane for her sheer hard work and amazing customer service that she has been rendering to Suzzane. “I go [to Dunkin’] every morning. Ebony has worked at the drive-thru for three years and really has provided amazing customer service,” Suzzane explained during a recent interview with WCPO. “I just wanted to see if I could help her improve her life and the life of her kids. I wanted to make sure that they had stable housing so that she could continue to provide the excellent service she does at Dunkin,” she added.

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In order to provide Ebony a home, Suzzane worked with staging designer Jo Potvin of Design to Market and also partnered with the New Life Furniture Bank, an organization that accepts donations of household items and makes them available for people in need. ‘It’s as much a gift for us as it is for them, to be able to provide this for them,’ executive director Dana Saxton told WCPO.

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Touched by the kind act of Suzzane, Ebony br-oke down into tears and said that she had never imagined this sort of kindness from anyone in her life. She further thanked Suzzane for being solicitous and for helping her arrange a furnished home that too before the Christmas holidays. ‘I’m just so thankful we’re back in our home,’ she said. ‘The Lord really looked out for me because I kept praying and saying, “Could I be at home before Christmas?” Moving into a new home was a soul-stirring experience for Ebony and her kids. All four of them have developed a simpatico relationship with Suzzane.

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The kids, too, thanked Suzzane for helping them out with a newly furnished home where they can celebrate Christmas together. However, this isn’t the first time that someone has stunned a drive-thru employee with a valuable gift. A couple of months ago, a group of customers raised $4200 on GoFundMe for a Burger King drive-thru employee, Lisa Bateman, and used the money to buy her her very own vehicle when they found that the 60-year-old used to walk over a mile to work every day.


Nova This really is so incredibly kind and generous – although when Burke said “I wanted to make sure that they had stable housing so that she could continue to provide the excellent service she does at Dunkin’.” I couldn’t help but draw comparison to the part of the movie “As Good as It Gets” when Melvin helps out his favorite waitress by paying for and giving her access to a top doctor for her son so that she can return to work and serve him his meals at the diner.

Deanna So hard to find any good news these days. This just made my day, what a wonderful story. And just in time for Christmas.

Mariano Everyone is celebrating the generosity of this person who gave a home to a needy fellow.

But the most emblematic in this story is the fact that a worker with a steady job for more than three years does not have the financial conditions to provide a home for their own family. America failed. Capitalism failed. Hei Dunkin’Donuts, pay your workers fairly!

Dion HamiltonThere is hope in mankind when you see stories like this. Despite our bruised, battered but healing nation, there is still LOVE and HOPE!

Zenny God Bless everyone involved but especially those kind ladies who took it upon themselves. God is good!

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