‘she Is Wanted:’ Caseworker Becomes Mother To 19-Year-Old Who Spent Years In Foster Care – Video

Monyay Paskalides, 19, was overcome with emotion after receiving her first hug from her new mother on Tuesday. “With my signature, it is official,” Judge Teri Dees said via Zoom, to applause and cheers. “Congratulations on your adoption.” Life can take you down unexpected paths. Monyay was placed in foster care at the age of 11 and placed in a group home.

“After being told ‘no,’ to hear that ‘yes,’ and to hear them utter her as my mother, it’s like, oh my God, this is for real,” Monyay chuckled. Leah Paskalides was Monyay’s case worker and counselor with the Safe Children Coalition before becoming Mom. “She was always a child who didn’t really deserve to go through life without a family support system,” Leah said.

Monyay did well in school, having graduated a year ahead of schedule and volunteering to assist foster children in similar circumstances. Leah continues to remain her lifeline, but she was unable to adopt her due to a conflict of interest with her work. Leah discovered she could still adopt Monyay as an adult after she aged out of foster care without a mother.

“It was essential to me that she understands she is wanted by someone, that she is loved by someone,” Leah stated. “I could say it again and again, but it is actions that speak.” The two are now continuing to work to raise awareness, showing others that there are adolescents available for adoption and in need of stable housing.

Monyay hopes to open a group home for teenagers. She wants to be around for others who don’t have a household, to assist them in the same way that Leah did for her.

“It’s never too late since I’m an adult who was adopted,” she continued. ‘Just because something hasn’t happened before does not mean it won’t happen in the future.’ You may be closer to finding the ideal family or individual than you think, even if it takes time. “For me, this is the end,” Monyay added. “This is something I’ve always wanted to accomplish.”

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