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Meagan good started her acting career when she was four. She was raised in Santa Clarita, a city in California. She had dealt with a lot of ra-cism as there were only two bl-ack families at that time. She shared some of her climacteric periods, “One of my teachers really had it out for me and in my sixth grade, it ceased to the loss of my work permit.

It is because I don’t have a certain GPA to have a work permit. During that span, I missed acting so much and decided to stick with acting for the rest of my life. Hence, I worked hard and got my permit again. Then the very next year I booked the movie Friday.

Since then, she was going forward in her career. Various promising role was offered as she starred with Samuel L. Jackson in Eve’s Bayou and played Nina on Nickelodeon’s Cousin Skeeter. With the guidance from Terrence Howard, Meagan gradually shift from television to movies and developed a booming film career.

Since the age of 13, she has been a working actress and accepts the fact that the journey from child actress to adult actress was not a smooth path, she had to face several ups and downs.

As she pigeonholed herself into specific kinds of roles she return to TV eventually. At that point, she was offered her first leading role in the show Deception. And she still holds the fame as the second bl-ack woman to be a lead in the NBC show in 30 years. Throughout the years the actress has achieved tr-emendous success in both the television and film industry.

Sari: Excluding your onscreen performance and action, you often discuss what is love, empowerment, and inspiration. Can you elaborate on what those terms mean to you?

Meagan Good: Love is unconditional. It is about accepting people the way they truly are. We are all God’s children and when I say I love everyone- I love everyone. I always make effort to shower love over people, I look into their eyes and make them feel noticeable. I believe the world would be a better place if we had more acceptance and love.

In my way empowerment is all about being bold and strong.

It begins with acknowledging your mistakes and loving the true version of yourself. According to me, Empowerment is not dimming your lights because you worry about making other people uncomfortable or you feel guilty you own it. You empower others when you let your light shine, it is just speaking about what’s in your heart with confidence. Inspiration is actually a blessing if you can accept it and move into action. Inspiring other people is a true blessing. I try my best to do that. I often wonder what life actually is about these things: Love, empowerment, and inspiration.

Sari: As we are INLOVE magazine, I want to discuss love. The love between you and your partner is very beautiful. What are the major tips for a happy and healthy relationship?

Good: The most important thing is to include God in your relationship. With that, you can develop everything on that and love each other the way that God would prefer. I believe communication also play an important part because people find it difficult to know what is in your mind, even if they are close to you.

We often end up bearing certain feelings or have bitterness because we lack communication. Sharing each other feelings and view is essential, when we are not communicating, we conceal what’s going inside of us and we fail to create a safe environment for our loved ones to share what’s going inside of them. I and my husband mostly have a long-standing conversation that turns out to be ha-rsh sometimes but we have them as we love each other truly. We want our marriage to grow and stay by each other forever. So, you can’t achieve that if you are not honest with each other.

Further, it is also about connecting to what you want to do in your life. If you wonder about why you were put here, and think about the important things to you, that you really wish to have in your life, then you need to connect with that person to achieve it together. Whether it’s collectively or individually, you acknowledge you want the same thing out of your life and you’re working together to achieve your goals.

Sari: As you inspire others, how do you think you can spread positivity in finding love, happiness, and self-confidence?

Good: It is all about being transparent. To be bold enough to inspire others and transparent about what you are going through. The biggest thing is to allow others to teach you and not think too highly of you that you don’t need teaching from others. We all need teaching, we always need it to grow and learn. Also, it is about sharing what you have learned, never be embarrassed about expressing yourself. It helps other people to share their feelings with you without fear. I think it is important to help each other these days. When it comes to social media a lot of people put their best foot forward, it is actually great and amazing to show these imperfections. It is quite the same journey that I’m going through. Some people judge it, but in the end, you must realize it is your journey and others can’t judge it. I think giving good things to the world reverts you with good blessings.

Sari: It’s about coming from a place of authenticity. We have various expectations, but I think we share the same feelings, and it is necessary for people to acknowledge that they can align with someone else who inspires them.

Good: Absolutely, when you realize everything you have been in your life, is not just for you, it’s you being who you’ve been called and created to be, that other people’s lessons and lives are connected, it isn’t for nothing. When you are able to help or inspire someone, it’s a blessing all in itself.

Megan’s positive influence is highlighted in her work as well. Recently she made her Movie directional debut with, I Not Now, When? Bass is the writer, co-director, and co-producer. She is starring with Valarie Pettiford, Meagan Holder, Tamara LaSeon Bass, and Mekia Cox.

Good says that the movie is about women’s empowerment, sisterhood, and love. The film depicts the life of four friends from high school who meets after 15 years to stand by each other through a c-risis. As things unwind we realize life is not what it seems from outside.

We wanted to convey a story stating when nothing else is promised, true sisterhood stays by your side. You have friends you supports and love you unconditionally. She added, it with take you to the next place that you want to get in your life. Megan Good has several interesting projects lined up on the desk. It includes Mon-ster Hunter, starring Milla Jovovich, Ron Perlman, and T.I. Also, a thriller project “The intruder” with Dennis Quaid and Michael Ealy.

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