This Man Managed To Survive Underwater For 3 Days After His Ship Sank To The Bottom Of The Atlantic – Video

Everyone might have come across various movies that have depicted survival stories on a sinking ship. But this incident is much more different than the movie itself. It all started when a tugboat was pulling an oil tanker off the Nigerian coast during Stormy weather. The crew members were te-rrified by the creepy and intense weather then an enormous wave knocked down the small boat.

The boat began sinking and eventually settled in the bottom of the Sea. All the crew members were locked in their rooms and had no chance of survival but except for Harrison Okene, he was in the bathroom. The water flooded all over the boat and luckily Harrison found an air pocket in the engineer’s station.

The air pocket remained undamaged but Harrison had no way out. The air pocket became his sepulchre and he stayed there with the hope of getting rescued. After some time he heard some noise inside the boat and believed it was the rescue team but he was frightened when he came to know that sharks have entered the boat he recognizes the noise created by the sharks tearing the flesh of his former crew members who are no more.

The sharks were feasting on the bodies of his former crew members.

With the hope of getting rescued Harrison started praying to God to save him from the sharks. As time passes Harrison had become weak and realized that he is no match for the deadliest fish. He had been staying under the air pocket for a long time and so he decided to look out for resources. He waited for the sharks to get out of the boat and began his quest for some useful resources. But all he found was a vest, a bottle of coke, and two mini flashlights. Those items could not protect him so he used the mattress to build a platform to save himself from hypothermia.

After three days Harrison heard some noises again, he assumed it was the sharks and prepared himself for the savage. But after sometimes he noticed that the sounds were different from what he had encountered before. So he made up his mind to take up the risk and placed, his hand under the water and to his surprise, another hand grasped his hand. The group of divers were collecting the bodies of the crew members they had never surmised that someone would still be alive.

Finally, God answered Harrison’s prayer and his hope of getting rescued led him all the way. One of the divers went into the air pocket and tried talking to Harrison. They found him and provided sufficient water Harrison then realized he is not hallucinating, he is getting rescued for real. The divers provided some diving apparatus to take him to the hyperbaric chamber. Soon he emerged above the water and observed it was dark. Harrison thought he has spent a whole day underwater but the divers let him know that he had actually spent three days underwater.

Harrison was stunned and couldn’t believe he managed to survive three days on the ocean floor.

Harrison’s footage of getting rescued appeared on the media and went viral. It has been liked nearly 6,100 times and received 600 comments till date the footage has gained over 2.3 million views.

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