14 Women Who Proudly Show What It’s Like To Be Pregnant With Multiples

Pregnancy is a very transformative experience for any woman. Within a matter of months, a woman’s bo-dy is transformed into a vessel for a life to gestate and grow. While pregnancy is exciting, it also can be very tiring and exhausting. Being pregnant with twins, triplets or even multiples comes with many circumstances and these women (compiled below) deserve applause for housing more than one human at a time.

1. Charlotte’s Triplets were born at 34 weeks by c section, 1 minute apart in hospital.

2. This woman, who was 20 weeks pregnant with twins, said that her pregnancy was full of constant worry but, she now feels that every pain she went through is worth it when she sees her twins.

3. This Danish mother Michella Meier-Morsi left people stunned with her 35-week baby bump while being pregnant with triplets.

4. Cicely’s mother gave birth to her twins at about 37 weeks old, and she says she is amazed by her own bo-dy.

5. This woman shared pictures of her postpartum bo-dy- 6 stages from 1 – 52 weeks after birth and said it is all about finding confidence in yourself again.

6. Hayley gave birth to triplets at 33 weeks, and she shared a picture where she said she felt like a 50-year-old.

7. Wanda said she was disappointed after she developed stretch marks and now says she has learned to love herself. She gave birth to her twins at 35 weeks.

8. This mother gave birth to triplet girls at about 35 weeks and spoke about how worried and anxious she was.

9. Maria gave birth to triplets two days after sharing a picture of her pregnant belly at 35 weeks.

10. Roxanne shared a video of her belly where she said it was embarrassing to share a picture of her huge belly, and four days after posting the video, she gave birth to triplets.

11. Betsy gave birth to triplets and went home all healthy just two days after the delivery.

12. Erin says that when she decided to give birth to her triplets vaginally at 36 weeks, people asked her many questions. However, she responded to them by saying – ‘God is good.’

13. This mother shared a picture of her heavily pregnant, and days later, she delivered her twins at around 37 weeks.

14. Lindsay was told by an infertility doctor that she would never be able to give birth to four babies with her frame. However, she gave birth to quadruplets at 31 weeks.

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