Young Girl Learns Sign Language To Deliver A Special Message To Her Deaf Delivery Driver – Video

Sign language is an elegant and expressive communication tool. It is an effective communication medium for hearing-impaired people, it helps to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is necessary to know the gesture language to communicate with deaf-mute people. The benefits of learning sign language are countless and it is easy when compared to other languages.

Over the past years, people have shown interest in learning sign language. And there have been several heartening moments that increase knowledge and empathy. Here is a beautiful incident from England. The incident circles Tim Joseph, Hermes delivery driver, and Tallulah, an 8-year-old girl. The adorable moment happened on Ashton-Under-Lyne in Greater Manchester.

Tim was born deaf and has been living with it. He used to deliver packages to Tallulah’s street, he visits her place twice a week. Soon, Tallulah came to know that Tim is deaf and felt sad that she couldn’t communicate with him. Tallulah was desperate to communicate with Tim so she decided to learn sign language.

She started learning the basics and practiced it for days. She actually wants to thank Tim for the hard work during the COV-19 epidemic. Tallulah was all done with her practice and was waiting for his arrival. She was excited and couldn’t keep it to herself, so she told her mom Amy.

Amy decided to film the adorable moment, she knew Tallulah would be happy to convey her message to Tim. And she was also certain that Tim would be pleased by her effort. Finally when Tim arrived Tallulah conveys “have a good day” through a sign that she has been practicing. Tim was so pleased by Tallulah’s gesture and gets close to her.

He started looking forward to converse with the little girl, he even taught her some basic signs like “Good Morning”, “Have a Good Day”. Further, Tallulah also presented him with a rainbow note to thank him.

Amy posted their special moments on social media.

The video also includes the tweet of Amy, it says “this is Tim our @Hermesparcels delivery man, he visits us twice a week, Tallulah presented him a thank you, which he displayed on his van.

They have built a bond in the past few weeks @ststephensaud #proudmum,”.The video went viral and people were amazed by Tallulah’s cute gesture.

To their surprise, the video become very popular and the BBC invited Tim for an interview. Everyone wants to know about Tim’s friendship with Tallulah. He states he was happy and surprised when the 8-year old girl took an effort in learning the sign language to thank him.

He also said,” Tallulah’s gesture was so sweet ad heart-warming”. Tim finally concludes his interview by stating,” Tallulah’s gesture made him realize that despite the problems we face the world can still be beautiful”.

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