Baby Monitor Captures 10-Year-Old Comforting His Brother Like A Pro At 3 A.M. – Video

Gloria McIntosh is the mother of six children. She has always taught her children that a person’s true character can only be seen when no one is looking. Gloria was using a baby monitor to keep an eye on her children. When Gloria noticed her son Mason waking up at 3 a.m., it was the middle of the night.

Greyson, his 18-month old sibling was the reason he came. Mason had no idea that his mother and father were keeping an eye on him through a baby monitor. Gloria was moved to see her son Mason caring for his younger brother.

Gloria spoke to ‘TODAY Parents’ about it. “He has an unfathomable affection for Greyson.” I’m not sure how to express it. “I couldn’t stop grinning the entire time.” Gloria shared the video on social media. Before bringing his brother out of the crib Mason can be seen cuddling him. Over 20 million people have seen the video.

Mason entertains his younger brother by making him play with toys, reading him a tale, and caring for him. Mason attempts to lull Greyson back to sleep as he returns him to his cot. He even crawls into Greyson’s cot to put him to sleep. Gloria entered the room when she noticed Greyson was not sleeping.

“Why did you simply come and get me in the first place?” Gloria said of Mason. Mason responded, “You had a long day and I just wanted you to rest.” Mason looked after his sibling for a half-hour until their mother arrived. Mason, according to Gloria, is a good person. “I’m sure Mason was exhausted and irritable,” she says Lots of social media users started praising the child for his kind heart. In the comments, one reader said, “He is going to be a lovely parent.” “I sobbed too much watching this ugh,” said another.

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