Toddler Gets Surprise Birthday Gift From Stranger At Target – Video

Megan Shufflebarger, a mother of three, is no stranger to her children’s “oohing” and “ahhing” when they stroll down a toy aisle. Kinley, her youngest daughter, listened to her loaded birthday list as she searched the Target aisles ahead of her birthday and she wasn’t the only one. The 2-year-old was standing in front of a series of dolls when she came to a halt in front of the final blonde doll on the shelf.

A young man stepped up and crouched down next to her before she could ask, “Can I?” He inquired as to which was her favorite. “I truly lik dis one,” she said, pointing. The adolescent laughed and went aw-ay with the doll.

She turned to ask her mother where the “dolly” was, disappointed that her favorite doll had vanished. There would be more, her mother told her. The young stranger came to the aisle with the doll a few minutes later. He retrieved it from his bag, handed Kinley’s mother a receipt, and wished her a “very happy birthday. Shufflebarger told CBS News, “I was flabbergasted.” She expressed her gratitude for his compassion. He grinned, nodded, and walked aw-ay.

Shufflebarger shared a photo of the young man standing with Kinley, who had a “lovely little astonished smile” on her face, with her hundreds of Face-book friends. She hoped that someone in the Lafayette, Indiana, region would identify him so that she could express her gratitude properly. Someone tagged the little girl’s hero in the post after it received over 55,000 shares: Tario Fuller II, a freshman football player for Purdue University. The mother thanked Fuller for showing to her — and the rest of the world — that “hope is not gone in society as a whole.”

“It’s conceivable that this single act of generosity has brought thousands of smiles, eased countless hearts, and inspired others,” she added. “That, in and of itself, fills my heart with joy.” Kinley is also content. Fuller’s present may even replace her latest favorite, an Ikea doll dubbed “baby boy,” for the soon-to-be 3-year-old, who is never seen without a doll in her arms. Shufflebarger thinks that “this will motivate and humble others to pay it forward more regularly.”

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