South Memphis Teen Inspires The Nation, But Safety Concerns Grow As GoFundMe Soars – Video

A social media post by a man named Matt White has made a 16-year-old boy named Chauncy Jones go viral, and people all over are pouring in their support. Matt White, a resident of Memphis, went shopping to purchase groceries at Kroger. The boy who first introduced himself as Chauncy Jones offered to help White carry his groceries and asked for a pack of glazed doughnuts in return.

White was sh-ocked and said, “He (Jones) looked ashamed, hungry, and br-oken.”

Jones went on to tell White this was his last hope to get food and not go to sleep hungry that day. While talking, Jones also said that he was good at academics and was trying to find a job to help his mom pay rent and kept calling himself poor. He added that one day he would be a wealthy businessman and would help others in his neighborhood by buying them groceries.

White was moved by the boys’ story and brought him a few grocery bags full of food. White even gave the boy a ride home and saw that they didn’t have anything, Not even a bed. White said that “As we unpacked the food into their kitchen you could see the hope coming back into Jones’s eyes. He knew that he wasn’t going to be hungry.”

After the incident, White went on to post the teen’s story on his social media page, and the post went viral. White also created a GoFundMe account for Jones, and included the list of things he needs and also to buy him a lawnmower so that he can make money by mowing people’s lawns.

White helped Jones raise more than $330k, and Jones and his family have been using the money to buy the essentials for their home like a bed and a lawnmower. White’s lawyer has been helping Jones and his family manage the funds.

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