This Mom Donated Her Lottery Winnings To A Wou-nded Officer. Now The Community Is Paying Her Back -Video

Shetara Sims, a single mother, just lost her job and has been struggling to pay her expenses, but when she stumbled upon a winning lottery ticket, she didn’t hesitate to donate the money to a worthy cause. Sims intended to send the money to a Kansas City c-op who’d been sh-ot in the line of duty — and now, owing to her altruistic act, the officer’s colleagues have raised more than $55,000 to assist Sims in her time of need.

Sims understands what it’s like to have to rely on po-lice enforcement; her 19-year-old daughter Karyia was fi-red from the Kansas City Po-lice Department in 2012. “[Sims] claimed the detectives who handled her daughter’s case were like her therapists, fathers, and lifelines all rolled into one,” the Kansas City Po-lice Department wrote on social media. When she learned that an officer had been sh-ot in the head and suffered a censorious wound on July 2, she contacted the department to see if she could assist his family with financial donations.

According to the department, Sims claimed during the phone contact that she had recently been laid off due to CO-VID-19 and has been struggling to pay her expenses. She claimed to have gone to the grocery store last week and discovered a $1 note in the parking lot, which she used to purchase a scratch-off lottery ticket. The ticket ended up being a $100 winner, but Sims’ little daughter Rakiya had a plan for the money.

“Her 12-year-old daughter was with her and suggested, ‘Mom, we should give that to the c-op who got sh-ot,” according to the post. “She agreed right a-way. We advised her to keep the money because of her present financial difficulties. She declined, claiming that the officer’s family need it and that the c-op required assurance that they were maintained.” Sims’ identity was promptly requested in the comments part of the social media post, and many people offered to assist her to get through her financial difficulties.

Despite the fact that the po-lice department said she had phoned from an unlisted number, they were finally able to track her down and launch the GoFundMe, which they dubbed “Helping the Woman with a Heart of Gold.” “She consented to have a fund established for her.” Even so, when we found her, she asked, ‘Doesn’t the officer’s family need it more than I do?’ “She has a golden heart,” the po-lice department wrote.

On Tuesday, Sims and her family paid a visit to the in-jured officer’s coworkers. The department has also set up a fundraising website for the officer, who has only been named as Officer T., which has already raised more than $7,000. He was remained in the ICU as of last week, but had been upgraded from cr-itical to stable condition and was no longer cannulated, according to the officer.

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