He Walks 17 Miles A Day To Go To Work: A Stranger Offers Him A Ride And Changes His Life– Video

An Oklahoma man’s exhausting, scorching walks to work each day are ended, due to the generosity of a Good Samaritan who helped him buy a bike and is now working on getting him a vehicle. Donte Franklin, 20, works as a chef at Buffalo Wild Wings and departs three hours before his shift begins so he can make the eight-mile journey in approximately two and a half hours and according to Fox affiliate KOKH.

“I don’t care if it gets exhausting; I just have to keep going,” Franklin told the publication, adding that life has been “challenging” since his mother left when he was 16. “I just walk to make my family happy and proud.” Michael Lynn had a chance to see Franklin while running errands on a particularly h-ot day during one of those arduous walks. Lynn told ABC affiliate KOCO “I was heading down 12th Street and I spotted him.” “I was thinking to myself, ‘Boy it’s h-ot today.’ One thing led to another, and now I’m learning that he’s [walking to work]… “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.”

Lynn provided Franklin a lift to work and was inspired to write a social media post about him after learning more about his situation, which quickly got the attention of Kerri Collins. Collins, who runs My Riding Buddies Oklahoma (MRBO) and Bikers for Elves, a motorcycle charity founded by her husband, told KOCO that the message “opened [her] heart.”

“Anytime I see anything posted about somebody in Oklahoma, I instantly pitch in and we do anything we can as a group,” she told the site. “It simply st-ruck me that this man is only 20 years old and is walking to two separate jobs in the heat with nothing.” Soon after, the group had procured a brand-new bike for Franklin to ride to work and gave it to him as a group.

With a GoFundMe campaign that has so far earned more than $32,000, Lynn is now assisting Franklin in purchasing a car to make his trip even simpler. “He’s a fantastic man who is always helping out in his neighborhood,” according to the post. “He is definitely deserving of this.” Franklin, who is aiming to become a welder, does not yet have a driver’s license and will rely on his bike until he obtains one, according to KOCO. “I believe we should support each other.. “This is something I can genuinely help my family with.” “It’s simply a really nice blessing,” he told KOKH, adding, “I truly appreciate it.” “I’m grateful for it.”

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