Texas Woman Buys More Than $325 Worth Of Groceries For Strangers At Dollar General – Video

Lavine Robicheaux an employee at Dollar General, Aldine, Texas shared the story of a lady customer who made many families merry during this festive season. When Lavine first saw this woman, she thought she was just another regular customer. Later she realized that the lady identified as Pearl is a kind-hearted lady who wanted everyone to have a joyful festive season.

Lavine told KTRK that she remembers Pearl filled a couple of baskets and bought stuff in huge quantities. Lavine said “She came back in and bought two baskets of stuff. It took two of us to check her out. Lavine said as if this was not enough as “She grabbed three more baskets and she’s just filling them up with food.”

Pearl requested the Dollar store staff not to disclose her identity to anyone as she chose to remain anonymous. She said “Don’t tell them that I’m buying it. Just tell them it’s on Dollar General. I don’t want them to recognize me.” Lavine explained, “She was uncomfortable with them saying thank you to her.” Pearl spent more than $300 to pay for customers in the store and those in her community. Lavine was moved by Pearl’s kind gesture.

She shared the story of Pearl’s generosity to inspire others for community welfare especially in the current difficult scenario. She said, “A lot of people in our area, they’re doing good but they’re doing good enough for them. Sometimes they can bless other people.” Complementing Pearl’s charitableness Lavine says, “She’s sharing it with people that she doesn’t know.” Pearl’s goodness has earned her praises from both society and individuals.

Lavine concludes that if she ever meets Pearl again, she would say, “Keep going and try to pass it on to other people.”

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