Kevin Hart And Kelly Clarkson Surprise Struggling Single Dad Of 4 Living In A Motel With $100,000 – Video

An A-list Hollywood cast rushed to the aid of a hardworking father of four who was caught up in a tragic situation.

He had given up hope

Troy Gaskin’s life had gone from difficult to hopeless in Vallejo, California. When tragedy st-ruck, the 51-year-old single father of four was healing from his second heart at-tack and had recently lost his job building home theaters. A mal-functioning electrical panel sparked a fi-re that engulfed his home. He told MSN about the har-rowing night.

“I was sleeping on the couch with my 7-year-old when all of a sudden my whole house was engulfed in flames,” Troy told

He just had enough time to get his children to safety. However, without insurance, he and his four boys had nothing except the clothes on their bodies. He informed KTVU that he was nearing the end of his life.

“Everything has been taken from me. “I’m simply trying to get by with these kids,” he explained. That’s when something extraordinary took place: the human spirit.

Allison Hill, an unknown, saw the awful news and created a GoFundMe campaign to assist pay for a motel room, clothes, and other necessities. “I’d like to see our community come together for this family,” she wrote to Vallejo residents. “The Vallejo community was incredible… they simply… “There was so much affection,” Gaskin said. More assistance, this time from the Hollywood Hills, was on the way.

Help from Kevin Hart

The Kelly Clarkson Show asked Gaskin and his family to attend. Gaskin was an excellent choice for the ‘Rad Dads’ part of the presentation. Kevin Hart, the frantic comedian and movie megastar, was the co-host on that fateful day. They stated that Arcade1Up, a partner, will contribute $50,000 to them as well as an arcade machine of their choice. Hart, on the other hand, had one final act. Hart stood in front of Clarkson as she was ready to sign off, saying, “Wait for a second folks, I didn’t leave yet,” and “I can’t leave without doing something for you.” As blue lights illuminated the Kelly Clarkson show studio, he asked the lads what their favorite color was – blue. Then he said he’d double the $50,000 raised, bringing the total to $100,000.

“I want everyone to know that we did obtain a place, that we’re pleased, and doing well.” All of those that contributed to me did so for a worthy purpose, and we’re doing well now. “I want everyone to know that,” Gaskin said

The entire event has also inspired Gasking to pay it forward whenever possible. When he sees people in need, he talks to them and occasionally gives them a few bucks. “Don’t ask me why, but life’s most de-vastating tests, for some reason, bring out the heroes in us. There’s just something about watching people in distress that inspires you to help them,” Gaskin remarked.

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