California Cop’s Routine Pedestrian Stop Leads To A “Life-changing” Friendship With A Local Teen – Video

California officer Kirk Keffer admits that the routine pedestrian stop which he made on a teenager one night last September, “could have gone in a hundred different directions.” Alternatively, the act between two, the Benicia Po-lice Department veteran and teenager named Jourdan Duncan have inspired millions of people around the world.

It happened when Jourdan Duncan, 19, was returning home after taking off from his night shift job. He works at a nutritional supplement company. And the 45-year-old po-lice corporal followed him in his squad car, it was an empty street in an industrial section of the Northern California town.

Officer asked the young man, “Where are you walking to?” Duncan replied, “As usual on most nights: “Walking home, sir, It takes me a little over two hours one way.” Officer Keffer was surprised to hear that he regularly walks four hours to and from work. Keffer offered Duncan, “Let me drive you home.” Duncan agreed and during his ride back home he informed him that he was working to support his family and also to save up for college expenses. He also told the officer that his goal is to become a California Highway Patrol officer.

According to PEOPLE, Keffer told them, “I just had to shake his hand when he got out of the car.” He continued, “I told him I admired his work ethic and there was nothing he couldn’t accomplish.” Keffer was so impressed that he also informed his administrator regarding him. And two days later Keffer, with other officers, surprised Duncan at his job with a gift, a $500 mountain bike to help make his way easier. Duncan was surprised by the present, “stunned and amazed.”

Soon, Duncan started to ride-along with the Keffer, to whom now he calls his, “dear friend and mentor” Other officers of the department, launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for Duncan’s tuition and car repairs.

Within less time, the amount hit $10,000 and currently crosses $47,000, although their goal was to raise $50,000. “I still can’t believe any of this,” said Duncan, who started taking classes at Solano Community College in January (he’s majoring in law enforcement) and recently purchased a “new” 14-year-old VW Passat.

“Everything he’s done for me has been life-changing.” Officer Keffer, was loved by millions of people around the world, “thanking him for his kindness,” the experience simply reaffirms why he decided to become a officer in the first place.” “We’re not all about offence and punishment,” Keffer says. “We’re out there to improve the quality of life whenever we can.”

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