Brave Crossing Guard Hailed As Hero After Answering Little Girl’s Plea To “Please Help Me” – Video

Adrian Young, 4 feet and 8 inches tall but she perfectly proved to the people of her community that she is persistent when the right time comes. Every year, in the United States, approx 460,000 children are being recorded missing. By reading this only, you can imagine how many calls people must be receiving related to it.

Five years ago, in Los Angeles, students were returning to their homes after attending Alexandria Avenue Elementary School.

Just like any other normal day, parents and guardians were waiting for their children. Same as other students, an 8-year-old girl was on her way to leave school when an old woman went up to her and grabbed her hand tightly and told her, “Come on, come on!” The little girl resisted going with her. Parents and teachers always tell kids to be aware and not to communicate with people who are unknown to them.

School Campus, under the presence of teachers, security cameras, and guards, kid-nappers still dare to look out and carry off their targets. That day, once again everyone’s nightmare came into reality. Bewildered, the little girl was smart enough to understand that something was wrong. Then she saw the school’s traffic cop, Adrian Young. That day, Adrian Young was off duty.

Still, for some reason, she was there, and her timing couldn’t be more perfect. The little girl in dan-ger sh-outed and begged Young to rescue her. “Little girl kept shouting to Young, ‘Please help me, Miss Crossing Guard, please help me,’” Young informed KTLA in an interview. Young is only a bit taller than the children; her command as her height is only 4 feet 8 inches. But it didn’t stop her at all.

According to Young, she told the frightened girl to “hold on to me as tight as she can, because both of us were very small, and the lady was bigger than me.” Even though the kid-napper was bigger than her. Young didn’t let her win in taking the girl. She was all set to fi-ght for the little girl. Young punched the kid-napper’s face and with all her strength she saved the girl. Young’s punch was so powerful that the kid-napper fled.

Sharon Arellano, the mother of the little girl said to Young, “I’m very thankful for you.” Arellano hugged Young tightly. She was very much thankful to her for saving her baby’s life. “If it hadn’t been for her, I don’t know where my daughter would be right now.”

A few weeks later, a public event was organized in which Los Angeles City Council Member Mitch O’Farrell gave his speech and honored Young for her bravery. O’Farrell said in his speech, “Sometimes superheroes come in small packages.” Despite being small, Young showed her bravery on time. “And because of her diligence, training, and awareness and just because she cares so much about children, she prevented what could have been a kid-napping of a child.”

Can you imagine what could have happened if she didn’t appear on time that day? Later, LAPD succeeded in ar-resting the kid-napper with the help of Young’s description. The kid-napper was Maria Ramirez, a 50 year-old who was taken into custody on one felony count of carry off. She’s presently being held on a $100,000 bail. Young’s braveness and heroic deed were applauded by everyone. If people like her are out in the world, willing to protect children from evil people.

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