Brave Bus Driver Selflessly Acts On Instinct Saves 20 Kids From Bur-ning Bus – Ends Up Being Celebrated As a Hero – Video

In September 2018, Renita Smith, a Maryland bus driver was on her evening route duty and was only left with the last batch of students to drop off. Everything was going as usual until Renita reached her third stoppage, she realized her brake light started sparking. Before she even examined, the students sitting in the bus said there is some smoky smell in the back of the bus.

Soon she grabbed her cell phone and dialed the transportation center, and the bus had caught f-ire.

Renita acted quickly and led students off the first, all the students were between the age group of four to ten. The moment all the students were out of the bus, the bus explode into fla-mes in a suburban area. Renita, who is a single mother of two, her bravery didn’t end here, she wanted to make sure that all the students are out of the bus and no one is left behind, so she ran back into the blazing bus by risking herself just to be assured.

Luckily, all 20 students were out of peril safely. When the parents of the students came to know about this unanticipated incident, they were grateful to Renita. Society declared her as a hero and also organized many rallies and award ceremonies for her brave act.“It’s my job, “she says. “They are my babies until I give them back to you.”

She was invited by Ellen to her show to share her agonizing story on Ellen’s show. During their conversation, Ellen was surprised when she learned that Renita lived paycheck to paycheck. To that Ellen decided to help her out as she said, “this is no way for a hero to live and raise her kids.”

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