Starving Grandmother Caught lift off Eggs To Feed Hungry Children ‘Overwhelmed’ By Kindness Of Officer – Video

Officer William Stacy shows compassion towards a desperate Alabama mother Helen Johnson.Helen Johnson is a middle-aged woman living in Tarrant received compassion from a officer whose compassion, understanding and kind act have caught the attention of the whole nation. Helen Johnson lives with her niece, 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren in Tarrant. The daughters use to receive a monthly welfare check of $120 for her disability, but this month, the check got lost in the mail and the family has nothing to eat.

The family had to stay hungry for days, when the desperate Helen Johnson took her leftover $1.25 to buy eggs from Dollar General, she could not purchase the carton of eggs and was a few cents short.

To her desperation, and unable to go home empty-handed, she theft 5 eggs to feed her family. She said, “Of course when I put them in my pocket, they broke. I am not a good thief at all.” Seeing the dripping jacket, the employee of the shop, stopped her and asked if she was a culprit and she has to admit.

The store called the cop, but instead of taking her into custody, the officer William Stacy walked into the store and bought a carton of eggs for Helen Johnson and hugged her. The whole incident was caught on video by a passerby and was shared on social media.

The store also decided not to press charges against her. Helen Johnson tried to give that $1.25 to the officer but he refused to take it. He said if she wants to repay him, promise him not to do this again. The officer said, “Sometimes the best route is to not custody. hope she won’t do it again. I pray she doesn’t, and I don’t think she will.” But this was not all, the next day the officer Stacey and his colleagues went to Helen Johnson’s house with two truckloads of food for keeping her whole family fed through.

On social media, the story went viral and Helen Johnson was greeted by the authorities. Later she received more food, clothing, and toys as a donation from the people who saw her story on social media. Helen Johnsonsaid, “My life has been changed forever because of Stacy and could never thank him enough.”


Matthew SerdynskiAnyone ever thought of asking why she had so many kids, yet didn’t have food stamps? Also, if you cant feed your kids, how do you afford cloths or pay for rent? Even if she was on section 8, there is no way you can convince me she doesn’t qualify for a substantial amount of help. There is more to this story then we’re led to believe.

Thomaxonal Conveniently a film crew showbup at a black ladies house to “help” her just when cops all over the US are being slammed for the countless lawless acts they commit.

Seems legit.

Lisette ButlerIt clearly says she was $0.50 short of the price tag so her intention was to buy and not take It clearly says she was $0.50 short of the price tag so her intention was to buy and not take. We are saved by grace and all fall short of his glory. So before we post comments about judging, why don’t you pray for this woman and her family. I’m sure if you look at your own lives you too will see how much of a sinner you are too. Thank God for Jesus. Father I thank you for the people who have out poured their hearts to bless this lady and her family. Oh and Btw throwing the race card out there is a sin’s called prejudice. Father forgive them for they know not what they do “Jesus said it”

Heather BraightmeyerAll of you who judge this woman disgust me. Where is your humanity and empathy ? None of you know her situation or how she got to a point where she could not afford to feed her children. Not everyone takes advantage of the system! At least she cares enough to feed her family! Show some empathy and respect!

Angee MoinetteI can’t believe she has no help for food? Wth?! Meanwhile my neighbors who came to this country under religious amnesty are given a home (that’s nicer than mine btw) medical benefits and food assistance! How do I know this…I was behind her in line at a grocery store and we were making small talk and she whipped out a food stamp card! I bluntly asked her if she received food stamps and she nonchalantly replied “oh yes!” Meanwhile people like this have to resort to theft! This woman and her kids need food assistance! Not my neighbor who has a 3 bedroom home and two new/nice vehicles.

Man our government has its priorities all backwards!

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