Adorable Grandpa Wears Matching Suit For Prom Photos With Dateless Granddaughter – Video

Prom nights are truly a dream for students with dates but for some students, it would be a nightmare when they couldn’t find a date on the prom night. Just imagine you sitting in the corner while your friends’ dance with their dates, well! It’s an awful nightmare. A prom night in California caught the eyes of people, as a teenager is accompanied by her granddad to the prom.

Kaylah Bell a 17-year old girl paired with her Grandfather Alvin Hackett, a 67-year-old man for the prom night.

Her granddad doesn’t want her Granddaughter to left alone in the night, he stepped in and made the night a memorable day for his little princess. Kaylah was spotted with a watercolour gown with shiny pink and a purple cape. Her Grandpa also wore a matching suit that goes with Kaylah’s outfit. Alvin is a pastor in his own church, according to people in the Antelope Valley, he is one of the sharpest pastors in the place.

Hence, the pastor had his look locked in his closet. As Kaylah’s family is very flashy her aunt suggested adding the diamond belt and the purple cape to make the outfit flashy. Their matching outfit attract the eyes of the people and drew more attention towards them. Later, Kaylah tweeted that her papa knew she didn’t have a prom date so he matched her. The tweet eventually caught the eyes of the people and has been liked more than 104,000 times. People were attracted towards Kaylah’s granddad’s gesture.

Several people express their thoughts through their comments, one person states that “This is the unending father’s love…my father will probably do the same” while another states that “Kaylah will not regret taking her granddad to the prom even after she has settled with her partner. These moments will surely bring joy when he is not around”. Kaylah feels blessed that she creates this memorable moment with her grandfather. She and her Grandpa are super close and she is sure to cherish this lovely night throughout her life.

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