29-Year-Old Single Man Adopts Five Siblings Because He Didn’t Want Them To Be Separated – Video

To keep all of his children together, Robert Carter, a 29-year-old single guy, has adopted five children from the same family. Carter was only 12 years old when he was placed in a foster family, causing his eight siblings to be separated. Carter has experienced the agony, of separation firsthand and therefore he knows the feelings one feels for one’s siblings.

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He was unhappy to discover that he had no one with whom he could talk and share his pleasures and so-rrows. When Carter originally decided to become a foster parent, he fostered three brothers. When he found out about their two sisters who had been taken away from them he quickly phoned the girls’ foster parents and arranged for a reunion. He sobbed when he saw all of his siblings together, asking each other how they were and sharing their admiration for one another. That was a watershed moment in his life, and he decided to adopt two more daughters so that all of his siblings could live under the same roof.

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Carter is currently the father of four children: Kiontae, four years old; Giovanni, five years old; Makayla, eight years old; Robert Jr., nine years old; and Marionna, ten years old. Carter stated that many people in my immediate environment and on the internet were negative and disapproving of my decision to adopt all of my siblings since I am young and would find it difficult to provide them with a fulfilling existence. “However, I regard it as a piece of cake.” “All things automatically become arranged and systemized by the Almighty when you have a decent heart and a desire to assist people,” Carter explained.

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“Seeing all of the siblings together made me feel relieved, but it also made me teary-eyed. “Seeing them together I feel like I’ve reclaimed all of my siblings,” Carter explained. Carter has also set up a GoFundMe site to seek funds for a large house purchase. People around the internet are applauding Carter’s generosity and pledging to assist him in raising funds for the house. Carter has raised $74,000 thus far, out of a total goal of $150,000.

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