‘Nah, I’m Not A Hero’ | Postal Worker Rescues Barefoot Missing Toddler From Side Of I-95 – Video

Ethan Adeyemi a two-year-old boy from Maryland went missing on Wednesday at 10 p.m. The boy followed an adult from his home and then disappeared. The family then seeks the help of the Howard Country po-lice. The cop immediately launched a searched team which includes aircraft, K9 Units, helicopters, and drones. The neighbors also flooded the entire area in search of the boy.

The next morning around 8 a.m. Keith Rollin, a USPS worker found the boy on the side of the road. Keith was driving on I-95, he then saw a little head on the side of the road before Maryland Route 100 exit. He stopped and decided to have a look, he was not sure whether it was a human’s head or an animal’s head. As he went nearby he found the missing kid Ethan Adeyemi. The boy was shivering in cold, he was wearing just a pair of sweatshirt with sweatpants.

The boy was barefoot with no socks or shoes. Rollins is the father of two and has a four-year-old granddaughter. He decided to help the toddler, he enquired the boy about his name and how he is doing, but the boy didn’t respond to any of his questions. He then immediately took him to his vehicle, covered him with his sweater, and turned the heater on. After that, he called the cop and told them he found a little boy along the side of the I-95. Within minutes, the cop rushed there immediately.

The cop took the boy to the hospital and was treated for hypothermia. The boy went back home on Thursday night and was doing well. The neighbors and the officers appreciated Rollins for his kindness and hailed him as a hero. But Rollins said he is not a hero, he is thankful to God for letting him help the boy at the right time. Ethan’s family was very grateful to the entire community for helping them search for the kid throughout the night.

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