Lady Throws A Lavish Party To Celebrate Her Divorce With Her Female Gang Of Friends – Video

Ikea Bello is a Nigerian life coach and a doctor. She is the founder of the non-profit organization The Warrior Woman Official. The organization provides coaching and education to suffer of mistreat all over the globe. She is a strong woman and the mother of five children, she calls them “the Power of Five”.

The Nigerian lady rocked Instagram with her lavish divorce party photos and videos.

She organized a grand divorce party featuring her female gang of friends. The ladies were all dressed up gorgeously in red and they rocked the party while wiggling to the music in the background. The mother of five shared her videos and photos of the lavish party held on her Instagram page.

She was seen dancing and enjoying her freedom with her friends. Her friends were nearly 10 in number who were encouraging her to live life to the fullest.

She was found jubilating her divorce from her husband. Ikea tagged the party as “Dr. Ikea Bello’s divorce party. I do. I did. I’m done”. Some of the decorations were also inscribed as “I do. I did. I’m done” and “Divorced At Last”. The Party flooded online and it elicit a lot of different reactions.

Some of the comments were encouraging while some were critics. But Ikea Bello is a brave woman, her party’s lit portraits that she is all for her new journey.

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