Couple Therapists Share 30 Red Flags On Relationships Doomed To End

Your relationships might have started on a really good note but somehow you have ended up in a situation where you feel it is not worth holding on to that person anymore. Here are 30 red flags shared by couple therapists which gives a hint that your relationship is not meant to last. While therapists can help you save your relationships only if both the individuals want to save it themselves.

(1) They don’t have anything nice to say about you. Your partner runs out of reasons to like you

(2) They don’t respect your ideals. They always try to invalidate your opinions.

(3) Both the partners don’t feel the same fuzzy feeling when they had about each other when they first met.

(4) They disrespect you.

(5) They try to take reprisal for everything you do.

(6) When one partner is wholly dependent on the other, it doesn’t end well since they don’t feel any personal fulfillment.

(7) People who try to convince the therapist that they are right and it is all their partner’s fault

(8) Your partner is very controlling and manipulative. They want to know every little detail and are always suspicious about you.

(9) They don’t respect your parents and speak ill about your parents.

(10) They usually avoid conversations about the real issue and try to make it a bigger issue so that they could make their partner feel guilty.

(11) Both the partners want different things from life.

(12) Your partner takes major decisions without involving you.

(13) They disregard your needs and wants and knowingly prioritize their wants over their partners.

(14) Instead of acknowledging their fault, they try to bring out an instance where their partner exhibited similar behavior. This shows that they lack self-awareness.

(15) In relationships where there is constant conflict and arguments, therapy isn’t helpful.

(16) Lack of intimacy is also another red flag that ruins a relationship.

(17) One partner tries to change something fundamental about the other partner and can’t accept them as they are.

(18) Excessive control. They expect their partner to keep them informed about every little thing making the other feel suffocated.

(19) The stigma surrounding divorce makes you try to save troubled relationships at all costs.

(20) The couple doesn’t feel the same force of attraction towards each other like how they did earlier. They don’t connect anymore.

(21) If one of the partners hides their s-xual history, that would lay down the basis for trust issues.

(22) When your partner directly says they don’t like you anymore and that they’re adjusting with you.

(23) Staying in touch with your ex-partner.

(24) Trying to do retaliatory escape and then try to make peace. This shows how immature both the partners are.

(25) They don’t respect your personal space, feelings, or interests.

(26) Making your partner insecure by sharing a close relationship with someone from the other gender.

(27) The couple doesn’t have a strong foundation and therefore creates communication problems.

(28) They scream at you for things that can be discussed and sorted out.

(29) Staying in an unhealthy relationship and blaming kids for not ending the relationship would ruin their childhood and right to a happy family.

(30) If there is no fundamental element of trust and respect, you know it’s time you end it.

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