Denzel Washington Helps Homeless Man In Distress Amid Incoming Traffic – Video

Denzel Washington, the Academy Award winner and cinematic star, aided a homeless guy in Los Angeles who was visibly in agony. The actor was driving in West Hollywood when he spotted a man on the street who was about to be h-it by oncoming vehicles. TMZ reports that Washington stepped out of his car, approached the man, and walked him to safety on the sidewalk.

He stayed long after po-lice came, bringing consolation to the anonymous guy while wearing a protective face mask.

The man was detained by Los Angeles po-lice, but he was eventually released. The entire action was videotaped. According to TMZ, the individual did not appear to recognize the celebrity actor. In reaction to the video, one Twitter user quoted the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Washington has a long history of assisting others. He is a well-known alumnus and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America’s spokesperson. For almost 20 years, he and his wife, Pauletta Washington, have been active in fundraising for Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

The pair also supports the Pauletta and Denzel Washington Gifted Scholars Program in Neurosciences, which awards scholarships to undergraduate, graduate, and medical students with a curiosity in science. Outside of the Washingtons, many celebrities have offered assistance to strangers. In 2000, Usher Raymond consoled a woman who had been wounded in a tragic vehicle mishap.

While the woman, Danielle Wright, 47, leave this world later, her daughter, Norris Saunders, commended the artist for being there for her in her final moments. Ryan Gosling rescued a woman from being smashed by a cab in New York City in 2012 after she jumped off a sidewalk looking the wrong way. Washington has soon begun work on the new film Little Things. The plot revolves around a deputy sheriff who joins forces with another investigator to track out a serial mu-rderer.

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