This Family Bought The Land Their Ancestors Picked Cotton On And Hosted An Unforgettable Holiday Gathering – Video

The Giles Family just had a holiday gathering that they would never forget. Their ancestors worked in cotton fields in Jonesville, South Carolina, and just sometime back, the Giles family had found that the land their ancestors worked, was put for sale.

The best part is that the Giles family now owns the land they once worked in.

The siblings pooled in all their savings together and purchased the land. They even held a family holiday gathering.

One of the siblings, Decker Ngongang, who works as a consultant in the social sector, posted a picture of the family gathering on Twitter and wrote – “My mom and her nine siblings grew up sharecropping in SC.

A while back, they found out the land our family worked was for sale, so they pooled their money and bought the house and land where generations of our family picked cotton on. This was the first Giles family holiday in the old/new house.”

He went on to share many more pictures that captured the beautiful moments of their family gathering. The story is winning hearts. It is indeed a very inspiring story of how the siblings reclaimed their family history.

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