Security Guard Bikes Miles To Return Lost Wallet, Community Buys Him New Car – Video

Aina Townsend a security guard on Maui had biked 3 miles to return a women’s wallet. But back then he has no idea what his kind act would bring him. Dec 11, a woman named Chloe Marina left her wallet at the Foodland store while shopping. Luckily it was Aina Townsend, a 22-year old security guard who found her wallet.

Townsend waited for the lady till his shift ended and then decided to ride to the women’s home to return her wallet.

Townsend reached the women’s home and handed the wallet to the Marinos, they were very grateful to him and offered him a reward but Townsend rejected it and said he just want to return the wallet before the holidays. Gray Marino, Chloe’s husband said Townsend is a humble and kind man, who just biked three miles to do a nice gesture. Gray later discovered that Townsend biked another 3 miles to his job at the Kahului Airport after returning the wallet to the Marino’s. Gray then decided to share this Aloha moment.

Gray’s social media post spread all over the media and went viral. Then a GoFundMe was created by Greg Gaudet. He states that it was very refreshing to find such a positive story when there is so negative news on the media. Gaudet further added that people do nice things for others, but Townsend went above to do something really nice. Gray and Gaudet raised $5,000 to present Townsend a car, then surprisingly Maui community stepped in and raised $25,000.

Further, the post reached the eyes of KarMart Kuhuli and they also offered to help. Josh Kong, the sales manager of KarMart Kahului explained that they are always looking out for an opportunity to support the community, he found Townsend’s story was very satisfying so he reached out to Greg and expressed his willingness to participate. Karmart showed five cars to Townsend and he chose Volkswagen Jetta with 30,000 miles, the cost of the car was $17,000 but Kartmart knocked $5,000 and also paid the taxes and other fees.

Townsend adored his New Year with his car and decided the save the remaining amount for future use. Townsend explained that 2002 was a tough year for him, he lost his grandma, several jobs, and was left with few dollars in his account. Moreover, he couldn’t afford sur-gery for his cat. He has been unemployed for nearly seven months and has been struggling to push through.

Townsend said that life teaches you different things when you face life by yourself. It really depends on who you chose to be, whether to play the sufferer or rise and become a better person. Townsend has been using a kid’s br-oken bicycle to ride, he actually returned the purse driving with the kid’s br-oken bicycle. Townsend was very grateful for the community gift and expressed that now he believes that it is still good in this world. The community’s act changed Townsend’s life and made him find hope in the upcoming year.

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