Broke Guy Skips Job Interview To Save Stranger’s Life, His Good Karma Fetches Him More Than One Offer – Video

Aaron Tucker was br-oke after he came out after serving his two-year term in the lock-up for an arm-er charge. He was unemployed and was looking for a job and was called for an interview at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Tucker woke up early for the interview that morning and decided to travel by bus when Tucker saw the car crash and overturn.

He asked the bus driver if he could stop but, he did not. The bus driver told Tucker, “if you get out, I’m going to leave.” Tucker thought to himself that employment could wait, and so he jumped off the bus to rescue the driver.

Tucker even wrapped his shirt around the wounded man’s head to stop the bl-eeding.

This heroic act of his made him miss his interview. Ever since he was released in June, Tucker was living in a halfway house with his 21-month-old son.

After the incident came to light, a GoFundMe page has been set up by a resident of Westport called Karen Dale to help Tucker and his son. In an interview with ABC News, Karen told that “no matter what happened in the past he is a good guy and he needs a br-eak.”

In an interview with WABC, the 32-year-old Tucker told that although he wouldn’t mind being called a hero and that he believes he did the right thing.

Tucker further added that “I feel there are better people than me, taking the time out to help me and my son.”

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