Community Love: Thousands Of Dollars Raised For Local Mom, Children Living In Car – Video

A local mother living in a vehicle with her young children is pleading for assistance, and the community is rallying to her aid. Thursday evening, you heard her tale first on 8News. The mother stated that the area’s homeless shelters were all occupied and that she had nowhere else to turn. Since the story aired, we’ve received hundreds of letters and phone calls from viewers offering assistance.

Angela Thrower, the mother, claimed she can’t even keep up, so she put up a GofundMe page.

More than $2,300 had been raised for the family as of Friday morning. Countless folks have volunteered to pay for a few hotel nights. Apartment complexes have also offered to relocate her in, and other viewers have expressed an interest in paying her rent. About seven years ago, Thrower was found guilty of embezzlement. Most of the time, the mother stated, since she ran into de-ad ends after de-ad ends while looking for a place to reside. The family had been living in their van for two weeks after being ordered to leave the house in which they were living for almost a year.

Homeward is a non-profit organization that tracks homelessness in Richmond and seven adjacent counties. Shelter waitlists are said to be going slower now than they were before the outbreak began. People who are already in shelters are staying longer due to the scarcity of affordable homes. According to them, there are 50% more homeless persons in our neighborhood now than there were before the outbreak. Thrower said she was at her wit’s end in an interview with 8News.

“I assure you, I’m trying to stay strong.” “However, there’s a lot of weight on my shoulders,” she explained. A viewer of 8News contacted the family and offered to put them up in a hotel. Another viewer told 8News that the family would be transitioned to a free apartment while they get back on their feet. When 8News spoke with Thrower, there was hope in her voice. She described the community’s reaction as “wonderful.”

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