After A Troubled Love Life, Eddie Murphy Finally Found Relationship Success After 50 – Video

Edward Regan Murphy known as Eddie Murphy is an American comedian, actor, producer, singer, and writer. He holds a successful career with an indisputable legacy but he hasn’t been fortunate in love. The actor has faced several ups and downs in his personal life. Eddie Murphy has been married once but has been in several relationships.

He married Nichole Mitchell in 1993 and then got separated in 2006. After that Eddie started dating Mel B in the year 2006 but it doesn’t last long their relationship came to an end in 2007, and then he was seen with Tracy Edmonds in the year 2008.

Paulette McNeely is the mother of his first child, Eric Murphy born in 1989. The actor is now the father of 10 children. Recently Mel B took Eddie to the court to request child support for their daughter Angel, who is a 13-year old girl. Despite all his struggle, at the age of 51 he started dating Paige Butcher in 2012. The couple is enjoying their extended engagement that happened in 2018. Paige was born in Perth Australia and started Modelling when she was a kid. Her father was also a model and her mother was a fashion designer.

She actually started modelling for her mother’s stuff, later at the age of 13 she took her modeling career seriously and from there her career took off it included the 2004 cover of Maxim’s Swim-suit Issue. She did her first movie Something’s gotta give in 2003 and then in 2006, she did her part as a background model in Big Momma’s House 2.

It was there where she met Eddie Murphy for the first time. Paige is a down-to-earth person, she always gives back to those who are in need.

She loves nature and mostly is an outdoor person. Eddie Murphy was attracted to Paige, not only because of her beauty but also her earth to down personality. Similarly, Paige was also not interested in Eddie’s celebrity status, she deleted all her social media accounts in 2013.

She stated that “she doesn’t want to share too much of their personal life”. Paige and Eddie are both interested in Volunteer work, Eddie has supported several charities starting from the HollyRod Foundation to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Similarly, Paige is more into building a home for humanity and much more. Despite Eddie’s unsuccessful relationship he always puts his kids first in his life.

He states the brightest parts of his life are his kids. In 2016, Eddie’s daughter Bria Murphy shared a Photo celebrating Christmas together. The picture includes several of her siblings along with Eddie and Paige holding hands with their first child, Izzy Oona Murphy, who was born in 2016. Although the actor’s Personal life hasn’t been steady, he never gives up on the potential to find love. He is devoted to his family and values each one of his children. The actor’s potential to find love eventually led him to Paige Burcher, who embraces every part of his life. Now, they both cherish their moments together.

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