4 Years Ago, He Was Homeless–Today, He Bought His First House

Chris Atoki was homeless only four years ago, but he had a lightbulb moment that changed his life forever. He is now a homeowner. Chris Atoki, who is in his early twenties, recently purchased his first house. While this is a common milestone for many people, it is very meaningful for Chris. That’s because Chris was homeless when he was 18-19 years old, with less than a dollar in his pocket.

Chris h-it a new low

Chris had a hectic schedule for someone his age when he was 18. Every day, he had to get up at 7 a.m. and go to class until 3 p.m. Then he’d take a 2-hour siesta before working a 12-hour shift from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. the next day. He’d take another snooze before going back to school. He wanted the resources to pay his mother’s rent. “My boss at work told me one day that he needed to cut a few people’s hours, and since I was in school, he chose me to be one of them. I reasoned that it was alright. I could still pay Mom’s rent and sleep in, so that’s a win-win situation, right?” Chris on Thread Reader

But Chris was mistaken. Only two weeks later, his employer fi-red him for not putting in enough hours. “I’m 18 years old here.” “The only job I had was filling stomachs, and I’m still in school because that’s what I was taught you needed to do to make it,” Chris explained. “The issue is that with no money and no parental assistance, I lost even more.” He eventually couldn’t afford to go to school. “Yes, I applied for hundreds of scholarships and received one, but I still couldn’t afford it,” he explained. He was booted out of his house after a disagreement with his mother. For a while, he looked for sanctuary everywhere, but no one would accept him.

“I was tossed out in the de-ad of winter in November. I attempted to sleep on my grandmother’s couch. It didn’t last long. I attempted to stay at my girlfriend’s dorm. No, her father did not approve. It’s pretty obvious,” he said. His automobile eventually became his lone refuge. He realized he’d st-ruck rock bottom at that point. “I chose to park in front of Walmart. It was really chilly. My bank account has less than a dollar in it. I believe it was around $0.83 or whatever. There is no family. There are no pals. There isn’t any money. Hungry. I was on the verge of quitting up. Cried. I attempted to sleep,” Chris stated. He ultimately recognized, though, that he had to fi-ght for himself.

It’s time for him to throw off his chains and change his life for the better. So he went to the library and applied for every job that kept popping up in his mind. “It could be anything.

“I worked in a warehouse, a factory, as a meatpacker, as a wedding DJ assistant, as a solar panel canvasser (twice), as an insurance agent, and ultimately as a mattress salesman for a firm where I had to go meet people,” he explained. Chris quickly began earning $30k per year from odd jobs, but this was insufficient to allow him to purchase a home for himself. He has greater goals that he wants to reach no matter how much hard work he has to put in.

He desired to further his education but was unable to do so owing to his full-time employment at a Mattress Firm. He was fortunate to come across an advertisement for @LambdaSchool, which offers online courses. Chris and his position were ideal for the Lambda school. The classes were available online, there was no deposit required, and you were given the option of paying back when you earn a reasonable salary–if you don’t, you don’t pay anything. The only problem was that Lambda only offered full-time programs, and Chris already had a full-time job. Rather than giving up, he emailed Austen Allred, the CEO of Lambda.

He had no expectation of receiving an answer. “I didn’t expect him to answer, but he did.” I’ve never had a conversation with a company’s CEO about anything. I had no idea who the CEO of Mattress Firm was (and still have no idea).” His chat with Austen inspired him to continue his study, despite the difficulties. Chris sought a tech job in Philadelphia after finishing his studies online. His income increased by a factor of two, yet he maintained his momentum. He kept grinding and improving and moved on to a new role where he could make even more money. It didn’t end there. And now, he became a homeowner for the first time.

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