Three Guys Fled This Restaurant Without Paying – A Few Days Later, The Owner Got A Remarkable Note – Video

‘Faith in Humanity Restored’ for a restaurant owner when three young customers fled without paying – sends him a letter filled with cash and an Apology. It was a busy Friday night for Apollo Apollinaire, owner of Kilimandjaro’s as they were jam-packed with customers. Three young men after enjoying their meal; promised to return with cash and went out “in search of ATM” as the restaurant did not accept card payments.

Mr. Apollinaire commented that he’d put that down as a bad experience. ‘Usually, people don’t walk out as a group for cash machine’ – he added. He advised his staff to make someone stay back and next time if a similar situation comes up. They accepted that the trio would never come back and that they had lost the money. Surprisingly enough, Apollinaire had his faith restored when he received a letter from ‘Tom, Alex and Harry’ explaining why they ran off in a hurry.

The trio in their search for ATM realised that they would miss the last train to their hometown. Barely making it onto the last train, they realized their actions and decided to write a letter of apology along with £40 enclosed in the envelope. They also promised to give Kilimandjaro a Five-star rating on TripAdvisor. “There was a letter addressed to Kilimandjaro. When I opened it, there was all the money.

The saddest part is they haven’t put their address or contact number on” said Mr. Apollinaire. He added that he could tell it was an honest mistake. Everybody found it quite touching too. He later posted this on social media captioned ‘Don’t be quick to judge; It is better to question than give time to yourself for an answer before you judge. Read carefully then you will understand that there are honest people over there too’.

The post quickly went viral and and attracted a lot of attention. Comments came flooding in, appreciating the young trio saying ‘More people like those are what’s needed!’ and ‘Faith in humanity restored.’ And it sure did for the owner and staff at Kilimandjaro and for those who saw the social media post.


Michael BrownThis young men proved to be brave, mature, and caring. Her actions are exemplary, and I would hope the restaurant owners recognized and appreciated her actions. This person set an example that very few people would follow.

diane pI wished I could say I would have been as brave as them, but the truth is I’m not sure I could have. It takes immense courage to stand up while remaining respectful and maintaining humility. Bravo! I’m moved and inspired to be a better person. Thank you

Clyde Crail That’s a marvelous story and the deserves any reward the action reaped.

God Bless

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