This Yoga Teacher Makes Impossible Twisty Yoga Poses Look Easy – Video

Yoga poses may seem easy, but when you actually try a yoga pose in lockdown it is then you realize how difficult it is for your muscle.

Let’s have a look at the yoga poses of Rose. Rose is a yoga instructor who posts her yoga poses daily. Her poses are sure to make your joints crunch look smooth and easy.

She practices different poses daily and posts them on her Instagram. She also shares tips on daily exercise to maintain physic.

People love Rose’s instruction as she doesn’t exaggerate things.

Her practices, lifestyle, and diet are simplest in the best possible way. Her motto is just moderation coupled with consistency.

With that rose is now the brand ambassador of several health and wellness brands like Onzie. She also makes her yoga poses easy for beginners through her easy-to-digest videos.

She also encourages her family to follow a healthy lifestyle, she often includes her two kids in her own routine which involves meditation and simple stretches. Rose also expresses her concern about people going through a sedentary lifestyle during the lockdown.

She states spending time over the phone, laptop and or slouching over a desk has become a way of life. The end results in neck pain, rounded back, and shoulders.

Moreover, it affects the spine and leads to poor posture. Rose contributes to an open mindset with her happiness. She emphasis that rather than getting caught up with how to provide value, we should be grateful to learn when someone provides value to us.

She wants every one of us to appreciate compliments and let the people know that we love them. Generally, it is a blissful feeling when we are appreciated for being helpful. It is a great path to channel your inner goddess.

As Rose’s presence is growing on social media, she gets comments from different sorts of people. Where some comments are not always positive.

But she truly believes that ‘Everyone is bound to make mistakes and has room to improve’.

She states accepting negative comments positively is the most challenging part of life. Rose, a growing personality in Instagram with 110k followers cannot afford to focus on negative feedback.

According to Rose, Negative comments should not lower one’s self-confidence as someone else opinion has nothing to do with one’s self-worth.

Now, when an obvious question arises, asking the reason why she choose Yoga out of them all, Rose explains Yoga as a means of grounding yourself by focusing on connecting your body with the earth and grounding into the earth in yoga practice.”

According to Rose, the daily difficulties in life can cause an imbalance in body, soul, and mind. Yoga helps to maintain the balance, yoga doesn’t require the right body, right space, or the right time, it is available at any time you need.

She further added that increasing flexibility benefits you in many ways; it develops a great range of motion, reduces the risk of wounds, reduces tension, and improves circulation.

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