Man Buys Foodstuff for Woman After Hearing Her Tell Daughter There’s No Money To Eat That Night

According to the Census Bureau, one out of four people in America suffers from the issue of Foor insecurity, which means they cannot afford food to eat. In the non-white communities, the situation is even worse and many families have to stay hungry to make their ends meet. A small and kind gesture made by Bear Taliferro Jr.

has really made someone’s day. Bear Taliferro Jr. after working his two shifts of 14 hours stopped by local Walmart to pick up food for dinner. That’s when he overheard a sad conversation between a child and her mother, who has come to Walmart for shopping.

He overheard a girl asking her mom that why is crying and what is wrong with her. Bear Taliferro Jr. saw a woman crying next to her girl, in the checkout line next to him. The mother replied, “We can’t afford to eat tonight”. At that time, another person also heard their conversation and gave a few dollars to buy groceries then Bear Taliferro Jr. went to the lady and told them that they can buy whatever they want from the store and he would pay for them.

He said, “A person behind her gave her a couple of dollars and she bought her daughter a Kids Cuisine TV dinner. I told her to grab what she wants, I’ll pay for it.”

He said that he never shops at this Walmart and today, GOD has put me, when he is needed the most. He thinks that it’s the reason he was there, to help the mother and daughter, in time of need. Later, Bear Taliferro Jr. received praise online for his selfless actions, for he bought groceries for the mom and her daughter. To this others started telling similar stories about the people who have helped them in the past, when they needed it the most. One of the followers commented “It’s very thoughtful. I was in a similar situation when I didn’t have the right date checks to get my baby her formula, so I was going leave it and come back the next day with the right date checks, and this lady behind me decided to pay for all of the cans of baby milk I had at the register.”

She asked for her address and number so she can give the money back, but she said not to worry about it and it’s her gift. It happened 10 years ago, and from then she always tries to do good to others, whenever she can another follower commented, “That’s my lil Brother doing what moms told us to do when women and children are in need, we help them out with whatever they need. GOD put you in the right place last night. Thanks for helping a woman and her children with the food they need to eat so they don’t go hungry. GOD’S got you,”.

He added, “My wife and I were in Winn Dixie about a month ago and a woman in front of us didn’t have enough money for sandwich meat and mustard so my wife said ‘hey I got it, put it on our tab’ and I was shocked when this woman just broke down, I mean crying like crazy!! I don’t know what her story was but I could see that she was in a bad way! You never know, the littlest thing may mean the world to someone else!!”Bear Taliferro Jr.’s story reminded us that we should help others whenever we can, a small act can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.


Dawn Sammy BenefielSomeone once in a drive thru at McDonald’s I was ordering breakfast for my co-workers and the person in the car paid for my order. I was shocked all that the lady said at Mc Donalds was pay it forward so to this day when I go for breakfast I pay for the person behind me.

Jan Mitchell Scott – God puts us where we are needed. We were at the emergency vet clinic when a man came in with his dog who had been hit by a car. He had no money. Another lady and I paid for it. Some day God will put me where I need something and someone will be there for me.

Marie-Anne PrenevostUrgh. God has nothing to do with this…!!! YOU are the man who has taken a warmfull and human decision to help another.

Bless YOU man. And I really hope this lady thanks YOU instead of a non-existent deity for your good action today

Kelli DankoI’ve had this happen to me also, about 11 years ago. My son was a baby and I was pregnant with my daughter were running low on money one week. When I went to pay for my food with quarters the woman who rang me up took out her card and bought our food for me. I couldn’t stop myself from crying. Now I help whenever I can, especially at the grocery store. It’s not our place to judge someone else’s struggle, do unto others. I hope all you negative people who say oh this is fishy, what was she doin at the store, sounds like someone wants attention are someday able to put yourself into someone else’s shoes, I hope you guys need help yourselves some day so you’ll know how it feels to not be able to afford dinner for your family. I also hope that when that happens, there’s someone like this man standing in line behind you.

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