T.I. And Tiny Are What Happens When Men Don’t Care To Be Husbands And Women Don’t Demand Better

T.I. AND Tiny might be something many people love watching. Many people who watch the show regard, Jada Pinkett Smith, as a woman who is highly powerful and intelligent. If you watch the show, it would make you question a few things about the show. After watching T. I and Tiny on “Red Table Talk” one might wonder if it’s worth the time.

Throughout the interview, Jada knew where her relationship went wrong, and even T.I. admitted to having to let Tiny down. That episode of the show would make you realize how T.I. and Tiny’s relationship serves as proof of what one shouldn’t do in a relationship.

T.I. ‘s Father’s Last Words – T.I. talks about how his father’s depart made him marry Tiny. His father never married and told him to find someone to share his life with. While he knew why it was important to have a partner, he never understood what it was like to be a good husband. He thinks it’s just financial support and neglects Tiny’s emotional needs.

Having a voice of your own – When T.I.

and Tiny started dating, Tiny was doing better than T.I. However, they had decided that T.I. would take care of the financial needs. Tiny took a backseat to take care of their children and encouraged T.I. to pursue his interest in rapping. After he gets detain Tiny is forced to start working. Once T.I. is out of coustdy his male ego is h-rt because Tiny has now a voice-over herself. T.I. should have been grateful that she managed everything so well. He failed to understand how Tiny’s voice saved their family.

Lack of respect – Unlike Will and Jada, T.I. never respected Tiny. Just because he was paying their bills, he never let Tiny have anything of her own. He made her shut down her business endeavors.

Bonds built of trauma – T.I. married Tiny because of his father’s losing their child made them realize that they needed to come together. T.I. says that every time they wanted to end their relationship someone depart doesn’t mean you have to stay together if you are not happy.

Seeking validation – T.I. admits that he felt like he wasn’t good enough after he came out of coustdy. While it is true that coustdy could make one feel less about themselves, T.I. never told how he catered to his need for validation without hur-ng anyone especially his family.

Gaslighting– Tiny never admitted that T.I. did try to disrespect her but rather out in on herself. This makes T.I. feel like he’s right and tries to seek validation by giving his philosophical thoughts at the expense of his family.

Accept anything for a man – Tiny was never happy with T.I. but she never told that to him. By the time they were married this was too normalized that she couldn’t do anything.

Tiny deserves better – As much she loves T.I. Tiny should not be putting up with any hardships. She deserves better.

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