Stranger Speaks Out When She Hears Couple Making Fun Of A Struggling F-oster Mom In Walmart – Video

There have been several loving stories of foster families. For instance, Simone Biles an Olympic Gold Medalist grew up in foster care, and the story about a young child and his friend, a Loving Goldendoodle. Parents work hard to take care of their children, so, when someone mocks a foster parent, it is our duty to step in.

Here’s an incident depicting that.
A woman, Lindsay Rae shared her emotional interaction at Walmart on social media. She posted it as a warning note, stating that insensitive people rant ahead at Walmart.

Last night, when Lindsay was waiting in a long line for check out, an odd occurrence occurred. She found a woman ahead of her wrangling with 5 children, the children were a mix of Hispanic and Caucasian people. According to Lindsay, There was nothing odd about it, even she was also dealing with her 3-year-old toddler. Just then people from behind started whispering loud things like “how many baby dads does the woman has?” “She can’t even dress the children for the weather” “wait until the woman whips out the food stamps”. After Lindsay had settled down her kid with old Altoids found in her purse, she turned and looked unconvincingly at the well-dressed couple talking total CRAP.

Then she looked ahead and found that the woman was struggling to separate clothing; inner garments, shoes, socks, and coats from food items using the black plastic separators. Actually, she don’t know what buttons to use for completing the transactions and she was also struggling with the food stamp card.Lindsay then went to the woman and asked whether she need help. Then the woman started explaining that she is a new foster mom and it is her first time using these things. The kids came to her just 3 days ago and she is gonna take care of them for a while.

The kids were provided with food but for clothes, no stipend has been received yet. Lindsay then helped the new foster mom to use the foster stamp card. Then they both hugged each other and the foster mom walked out of the store with her children. Once the women left, Lindsay gave a piece of advice to the couple. She explained that kids were not the woman’s biological children. Then she told them that their behavior was out of line. Lindsay explained in her social media post as: Those children just lost their parents and those clothes were probably the only clothes they own. That woman took the kids as her own and provided them a safe and secure place. The food stamps, something health and welfare helps the mother to feed two new kids.

There are not nearly people like herorenough women in this world. She also added that even if the kids had been hers, there would be nothing wrong with using the food stamp. No child in the country deserves to be hungry or cold.

Then the couple silently left my checkout aisle and joined another. Then finally as I finished checking the girl checking me smiled at me and said you rocked mam. That all I wanted all the mamas out there hold your heads up, we are the strong and the steady when our small ones need us.

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