‘Paris Spiderman Who Scaled 4 Floors To Rescue A Child Starts A New Job As A F-iref-ighter – Video

This Super Hero Who Climbed Four Floors To Rescue A Child Earns French Citizenship And A F-irefi-ghter’s Job MamoudouGassama had left his home in South Western Mali as a teenager and traveled across the Sahara Desert to reach Europe. He reached France and was working at building sites and was living in a shared hostel room with others.

He was working hard to build a good life for himself. Little did he know that his act of saving a child would have fetched him a job and citizenship.

Gassama saw a child dangling from the fourth floor of an apartment. While people were all afraid something would happen to the child, Gassama scaled up the building and pulled out the child to safety. The video went viral, and his act was praised by people all over the country.

He made it to the headlines of the news channels. Just after the news went viral, he was invited by French President Emmanuel Macron who awarded him a medal for bravery and also granted him honorary citizenship in France.

The 22-year-old was even given a job in the Paris F-ire brigade services and the same was officially announced by a tweet on the official Paris f-ire brigade page. He was even applauded by the mayor of Paris, who referred to him as “Spiderman of the 18Th” and congratulated him for his bravery that helped in saving a child’s life. The French government has been subject to cri-cism after the event after Macron had ordered the closure of many migrant camps.

People have criti-zed the government for double standards. British MP David Lammy asked whether migrants had to do such an extraordinary act or behave like superheroes to be treated like human beings.

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