Proud Mom Tw-erking For Son When His Name Is Called at Graduation Gets Mixed Reactions – Video

Social media looped when a contentious video of a woman tw-erking at her son’s graduation ceremony went viral. The viral video showed students arranging themselves by hearing the announcement to walk across the stage to receive their high school diploma. When the woman heard her son’s name, she excitedly jumped onto the stage and started dancing.

She continued showing her dance moves in her valiant yellow jumpsuit until the security guard escorted her. In the background, the rest of the students sitting watched in bewilderment as she unexpectedly showed up in the ceremony. What highlighted more than her dancing was her purple hair.

People who were in favor of her said she was solely proud of her son’s achievements and couldn’t resist her enthusiasm.

On the other hand, her depreciators said, at formal occasions like graduation ceremonies her behavior was completely inappropriate.

Other reactions were mixed on the subject, some say, one would have been bearable had she not carried on with her dancing. The at the most opinion which precisely bothers is that of the graduate. Everyone must be wondering how her son must have felt his mom taking his instant in the spotlight.

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